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Looking for a little One on One support to grow your business and create more profit? Faffing about on your own feeling like a lost kid in a crowed Super Market? 

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Heard a little rumour that online courses are freaking amazing and what to get in on that gravy train? I have more than you need to get started!

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Want some good old fashioned blunt AF free advice? Check out the blog for everything you need from pricing to productivity served with a side of reality and tough love.

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Melanie Miller The Profit Lovers Business Help for Women One on One Coaching Business Strategy


Just a girl who loves business and knows how to turn a profit. Oh... and has over 17+ years running businesses all over the world. Everything from sales, marketing, general management, product import, cash flow management, growth strategy and all the other stuff.

But this isn't about me, it's about YOU and YOUR business. So keep scrolling for the good stuff.

If you're looking for a little Profit Loving you're in the right place!

Sick of running a business and getting nothing but a headache and some donuts (zeros!) in return?

Business isn't suppose to suck your bank account dry and slowly suffocate your soul. It should be kind of fun (let's be honest...it ain't all good times) and absolutely should fatten your bank account. If that isn't happening then stick around... you're going to like it here! 


Business Advice for Women

The Profit Lovers is about women and for women. We both know women retire with less in the kitty than men. We both know women earn less than men. Here at the Profit Lovers we are going to change that!


It's all About the Profit Cookies

At The Profit Lovers we are shame and guilt free about expecting a fair return on the time and effort we invest in our businesses. Heck! We expect more than a fair return!


Unsexy is Where the Profit is at! 

As a Profit Lover get ready to embrace the unsexy side of business! We're making ugly cash flow forecasts and hideous sales funnels into saucy beasts.. because we're not afraid of the real work it takes to create profit. 


Conscious Action is our Lady Jam!

Yes, The Profit Lovers flirt around with a little of the woo-woo, but we know a positive mindset is nothing without conscious action and we love taking action.


Melanie is the head of an 8k+ strong tribe of Profit Loving women and the creator of Profit Lovers Members Club and Create Your First Online Course


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