2017, Let’s do this!

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Like a lot of people, I feel 2016 was a year I would prefer not to repeat. I really enjoyed seeing the year come to an end.

I also relished in the fact that I was not alone in my 2016 misery. There were meme’s a plenty wishing good riddance on the year all over Instagram and Facebook. I felt vindicated, the year really did suck!

Then I saw it…

The Instagram post from a well-known blogger that boldly pronounced it was all in our heads! Everyone who was whining about the year should just change their perspective. I felt embarrassed about my 2016-self-pity-party for a hot minute, then I felt irritated!

My year was blah.. and I will cry if I want to

The pressure on women to always see the bright side, to change their perspective, to alter their views.. is exhausting. It’s also a little condescending. I am a grown-ass woman! If I feel like my year was challenging, tiresome and lacked fun then I have the right to own that. I have the right to reflect back and say… “that was NOT my year”.

I am feeling all the feels…

One of our Profit Lovers, Tanya, from Lucky 44 Stationery once said to me “we just need to feel all the feels”. She was right. It’s ok to sit and feel what you’re feeling. It isn’t negative or weak to soak in the vibes and decide what you want to do with them. I am not a¬†psychologist but it feels like “processing” to me. Shutting that stuff down is like trying to stuff a jack back in the box. He will jump out and scare the pants off you when you least expect it. Best we just deal with Jack right now.

Say goodbye to what has been and hello to what is to come

I have adequately processed. I have discussed at length how 2016 felt to me with my friends. I have said goodbye. It’s time to let 2016 and grab the new year with excitement and anticipation!

Who knows what 2017 might bring? I have a feeling it’s going to be amazing!

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