Look at You Fancy Lady, With Your New Fancy 2020 Planner

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So, I am not sure about you, but I find there is something oddly calming about bringing home fresh stationery for planning the new year. Those nice, clean pages, the new book smell, the lack of terrible handwriting.

I have pulled together a list of lust-worthy planners to help you bring your daily business tasks to life, and to keep you moving, organised and productive. I have included a few of my favourites, planners that I use all the time in my own business. Don’t forget, paper planners are awesome but you also need a digital plan and record of your progress. You can find the best one right here: The Profit Lovers Plan and Track. 

So with that in mind, I set out to round up the best 2020 planners I could find so that you don't have to spend valuable time searching!


With an "about me" page that starts with “There are two types of people in this world, the ones who simply dream and the ones who dream and Get Shit Done”, it seemed like a great match for me because you know how much I love to get shit done! 

With Planners starting from $24.95 that house inspirational messages for motivation, fab colour choices, and options for undated pages, keeping tabs on your goals the way you want is easy peasy. 

If you’re more of a desk pad, rip as the day goes by, kinda gal - well they've got you covered there too with a range of desk planners as well. 

To make this even sweeter, or, incase you've already ripped out all of your pages we have a fancy discount link just for you, Profit Lover! Grab 20% off your next Mi Goals purchase, just Click HERE then copy and post your unique discount code at the checkout!


Need some extra zen and reminders throughout your day to keep you motivated? Well, the Daily Greatness planners might be what you are looking for. Another nifty little planner, full of inspirational pages, meditation affirmations and more. 

The original Daily Greatness Journal combines a yearly planner, goal and appointment diary, and daily tools for self-mastery. All the Daily Greatness planners and journals are undated so you can start anytime! There are weekly, monthly and quarterly check-ins to keep you accountable. 

The Flexi bound cover makes these planners and journals super durable too, meaning you can toss it in your bag and away you go!


Described as a paper life coach, the Passion Planner has; a Passion Roadmap, a step by step guide for mapping out your goals, Break It Down game-changer, a detailed mind map to help you break down youdr goals and take the steps needed to get there. 

There is more with the Think Big Picture, a monthly layout where you can keep track of everything, including your meal planning! Work At It, Weekly layouts for managing your weekly schedule and Time to Reflect, at the end of the month somewhere to reflect on the progress you have made. 

On top of all that great stuff, the Passion Planner has fancy covers, dated and undated options and even comes in different sizes, depending on what you are after.


Kikki K is a go-to for Leather, and monogram stationery. The gorgeous leather finish, being able to add your initials so everyone knows that is YOUR planner, what more could a gal in business want? 

Kikki K offers a huge selection of colours, finishes, dated and undated pages and more. Super easy to use with 7 tabbed sections that are customisable, notepad, stickers and more! 

Sometimes, simple really is the best!


Products to control the chaos… Sound helpful? Sure does to me! Not only is the website punny (get it? Pun-ny, HAHA) There are more diaries and planners than you can poke a stick at! 

No matter what you’re looking for, a weekly option, monthly or yearly, the gang's all there! 

Make the most out of each day with the Freak Life 2020 Annual Diary, which has a week view, weekly to-do lists, monthly and annual calendars, 365-day challenges, daily gratitude and habit trackers, master meal plan, life lists, quotes and inspo for your days and more!

There is also a desk freak, which is a fancy pants desk pad to rip and go!


A little black book of a different kind, the 90 Day Goal Planner is exactly that, a 90 Day Goal Planner with the added extras of a Daily Self Journal and Goal Setting Plan. 

It contains a Vision Board (and I love me a vision board), Daily Goals that you can plan by AM and PM, Weekly so you can easily map out your entire week on the go, and monthly undated 30-day personal calendar. 

It really is a special little black book. If black isn't your jam, there is a range of other colours, and even leather bound.


A dateless yearly planner for BOSS women, on their way to the top! Or, already at the top in my case *cough cough*. 

This planner is the bee’s knees, with dateless Monthly Pep Talks because we all need a few of those, monthly view, budgets, goals, weekly view, real-life advice and of course a notepad because no planner is complete without a notepad! Take it along with you to the cafe, sans electronics and make sure you never miss any of those light bulb "I need to write that down" moments.

It even comes in a schmick little bag that you can keep it in, along with snacks… and pens I guess.


Looking for a "to me, from me" gift? How about a boxed 2020 weekly planner! That's right, it comes in a box, a fancy-schmancy linen-bound box! And seeing as I am still thinking about it, yes, you could even keep your snacks in there!

Need to separate work and play? The super simple and clean double page layout of this planner may give you a helping hand. With a "this page for/that page for" set up, you can see all of your tasks, goals, appointments and more altogether, but at the same time separate.

Featuring a full monthly planner at the beginning of each month, and a week to week view, the pretty little ribbons can hold the place of both pages making it easy to flip between.


So you've come this far and you are wondering, where are all the pretty planners? Well, have no fear Rifle Paper Co are here with amazingly fab-tastic, pretty like your face planners.

The Month Large Planner has Weekly and Monthly pages, sections for celebrations, notes and contacts and inspirational quotes (because sometimes we just need a little pick me up!).

With florals to match that yellow sundress, and a fancy pants band to hold it all together so you can throw it in your bag and go.


Just looking at the cover of this planner is motivating! A daily planner designed to help you get a move on and make progress on your goals.

Another little black book of a different kind, this planner has a year at a glance for you to brainstorm all your goals, 14 project breakdown spaces, 13 reflect and goal setting pages, Monday to Sunday week spread, and some motivational text prints that can be ripped from the book and slapped up on your wall for that daily hit of inspiration to Get To Work!


Now on to my absolute must-have business planners. 

I use this big planner (A2 sized) from Kikki K for tracking my daily income. Yes! You read that right, I track my income every single day! It keeps me focused on the most important tasks in my business, the ones that make money. 

When I look at that planner and see the numbers looking sad I know my focus needs to change. It’s one of the single biggest self-motivators I have and it’s less than $30!


Design and organisation. Enough said! 

The Planned Duo brings to you this awesome daily planner, where you can jot down your goals by the hour each day, take note of your 3 top priorities and list your to-do’s! 

Simple, yet effective and easy to scribble down as you go about your day. There is also a sneaky little monthly desk organiser too.

Second, on my list is a simple A4 notebook. Not fancy, not exciting but oh so useful. 

I love to have something that I can wander into a cafe or down to the beach with, to brain dump ideas without the distraction (or temptation) of my computer.  If I am feeling overwhelmed I will grab out my notebook and write a to-do list, just to get it out of my head and onto paper.

All these planners are great! They’re fun to go and purchase as they hold a million new opportunities for the coming year, but what they won’t do for you is help you keep all important goals, numbers and tracking in one online space.  

A one stop digital workspace that acts as a daily dashboard to guide your business and includes

  • 12 Month Plan
  • 90 Day Project Planner 
  • Sales Goals
  • Weekly Sales Tracker
  • Tribe Tracker including Google Analytics and Social Media growth
  • Marketing Planner
  • Money Planner ... and the list goes on!
Phew... that is a LOT of cool stuff!  

Did I mention it's free?

And it's right below

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