7 things you are probably doing instead of making sales

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Quit slackin

No introduction needed on this one – just read and see if you are guilty of any of these before you complain business is slow!

1. Creating plans, but never actually doing anything

2. Making “to do” lists that you are too busy to get to

3. Spending time pleasing low profit customers

4. Entering into pointless email conversations when a five minute phone call could have fixed the problem

5. Finding busy work like filing or rearranging so you can avoid doing anything ‘salesly’ (I really need to get my office organised before I tackle the next project…)

6. Using the excuse of “if I don’t do it myself it won’t get done, so I am too busy for sales” – that might be true, but it probably isn’t

7. Assuming you are so shit hot that people know where to find you, why go looking for them?

I know it all sounds a bit harsh, it was meant to.   YOU are better than your excuses!  I want you to succeed, so quit slackin’ and make shit happen!




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