5 Things You Need To STOP Doing TODAY!


*Warning* This video contains not one but two bad words! If you are offended then best you don’t press play! 

There are five things I see women doing in their businesses all the time and they are sucking away profit hard and fast.

The five tips I am about to give you are not sugar coated, they are harsh and might sound a bit mean but if you want more profit and a better business then put on your big girl pants and lets do this.

Posting pretty pictures to Facebook is not Marketing

The first thing you stop doing today is pretending updating your Facebook status is “marketing” – its not. It is fine to have facebook as part of your marketing strategy but it is not a strategy in itself.

You should have a whole lot of other stuff going on to – a good mix of offline and online marketing activities. While we are on the subject of facebook, if you really want to use it to market your business then you need to be sharing valuable content that is useful to your customers and shows off your product or service. Posting inspiring images that you stole from Pinterest is nice but how does that make you a sale?

You have a Hobby or a Business – NOT both! 

The second thing you need to stop doing today is sitting on the fence of being a hobby or a business; you are one or the other. Don’t even whisper the words I have a ‘hobby business’. You have a hobby or a business, please just choose one. There is a really crass saying that I believe is English in origin; Shit or get off the pot. It means make a commit to a decision and follow through.

Stop giving a flying F***

The third thing you need to stop doing today giving a flying fuck what other people think of you and your business. Let’s be honest, people think about you a lot less that you think they do. Those who are overly concerned with what you’re doing obviously have far too much time on their hands, and not enough stuff happening in their own lives which is kind of sad when you really think about it.

Don’t let the negative opinion of others be the one thing that holds you back in your business. You think I am not going to get at least one complaint about my language in this video? I don’t care. I can’t afford care. 99% of my target market won’t care. And the 1% that do care, well I guess they are not really my target market. I am not for everyone and that’s ok, it took me years to realise that. Stop trying to please everyone.

Random is bad. Very bad.

The fourth thing you need to stop doing today is making random uninformed decisions about your business. This includes but is not limited to;

  • Adding new products or services because you assume it will boost profits marketing to untargeted audiences
  • Failing to keep you with the financial side of your business, in particular waiting until the end of the quarter or worse end of the year before you figure out what is going on.
  • Having zero clue what you actually need to make in sales to cover your costs
  • Wasting time on non income producing activities
  • Chasing shiny objects,
  • Failing to stick to any one plan or strategy for more than a hot minute

Passive gets you nowhere! 

The fifth and final thing you need to stop doing today is being passive about your business. If you are serious about having a business that provides an income, one that is profitable, has structure, direction and scalability then stop being so damn apathetic.

Stop waiting for the business success unicorn to prance into your business and grant your wishes. Get active in your business, you can do this by creating a solid 12 month plan, by spending time educating yourself on how to create a successful business, listen to podcasts, use Google, sign up for a course or two! I happen to know a great one called Profit School. Invest in getting professional advice on your branding, on your insurance requirements, on your financial position, on your marketing. Start treating this business as though you have no other option but to make it work.

There you have it! The five things you need to stop doing today if you want your business to be not just successful and profitable but also fulfilling and life friendly.

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