5 Small Changes for BIG Results

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Everyone seems to be looking for the big fix right now. That one “thing” that will turn their business from meh.. into yeah! If that sounds like you I have bad news and good news. Let’s go with the bad first…

There is NO one big fix

If you’re looking for a course, coach, habit, hack, trick or mindset shift that will open the heavens up and rain down gold coins you’re plum out of luck. There isn’t “one thing” that will improve or fix your business and guess what? That is…

Really, really good news for you!

If there is no one thing that will turn your business around you can stop wishing and hoping and praying that you will find it. You can stop feeling like you will never be successful until you can afford to buy that one magic bullet. You can stop feeling disappointed and deflated when that course you invest in or that coach that you spend money on doesn’t deliver dancing rainbow unicorns. There are many small things that will improve a business and you have control over all of them.

So what are these changes?

There are bucket loads of them. Let’s get started with five changes you can work on right now.


Oh, you knew I was going to serve you that old chestnut again. It is my favorite small change that can make a massive difference to every business. The numbers tell you everything you need to know from how productive you are through to how many people need to visit your website to make $1 in profit.

You can track everything in your business in less than 5 minutes per day. Those numbers guide your business. If you were to invest that 5 minutes you would save decades of doing the wrong stuff. *decades is a wild overstatement but you get my point*


Boring. Consistency doesn’t razzle my berries or tickle my fancy but it works. This is one change in my business I have had to work hard at. Consistent action each day (like checking email at a specific time) results in huge leaps and bounds in productivity and focus. With more productivity and focus comes better results. Your start working “on” your business and not “in” your business.

When it comes to marketing consistency you just can’t beat the results you will see from simply being a regular feature in the inbox, newsfeed or post box of your customers. People who think they fail at marketing often fail at consistency. Their marketing would have delivered great results had they only have stuck to the plan consistently.


Just little ones. Small, non-confronting plans that guide you each day so you don’t go chasing shiny objects and feel constantly overwhelmed. You don’t need to plan out the next 12 months (although I highly recommend it), you can focus on the next week, month or quarter. I personally LURVE a 90-day plan. It is short term so leaves plenty of room for creativity, pivoting and quick wins.


Show up. Show up each and every day in your business. It is one of the easiest ways to improve. Show up and participate like you are a paid employee. Honestly, when I see the shenanigans going on in some ladies businesses I feel like firing them myself.

Don’t start your day with Facebook or email. Start it with a focused task list. Don’t waste endless hours on stuff that doesn’t produce a result (you would know what that stuff was if you were doing steps 1 and 2). Be accountable to your business as if you were an employee and treat your business like your biggest asset. Show up and participate fully every hour that you allocate to your business. Don’t half ass this business gig! You will wear yourself out, crush your self-worth and lose money.


A little insight goes a long way. It saves you buying into the latest marketing “do this or your business will curl up and die like a hot mess” type claims. Better yet, it saves you the personal damage that comes from believing your business isn’t working because of you’re mind-screwing it into failure.

If I had a dollar for every lady who thought manifesting or a positive mindset would cure their business woes I would be rolling around in puppies and Verve right now. Yes, you might have some mindset junk (it is safe to assume we all do) but it is never 100% of the problem. If you have a crap marketing strategy, dodgy pricing structure, bad cash flow, and terrible productivity no amount of manifesting or positive mindset work will save you.

If you’re going to do mindset work then back it up with business insight and knowledge too!

So I should never hire a coach?

Of course, you should. A good coach will have a bag full of small changes that they will map out so you can focus on incremental improvement. A good way to spot a bad coach is one that offers overnight change or a secret solution of some sort. You also want to avoid the “Follow my exact plan” type coaching solutions. They are a one-size solution that does not necessarily “fit all”.

Or invest in a course?

Investing in a course is about filling gaps in your knowledge and rolling out plans faster. It is a more streamlined and focused approach to getting results in a shorter time frame. No course will “fix” you or your business. You don’t need fix’in. You need focus, insight, understanding, and implementation.

Those also happen to be the bench marks that Profit Lovers Members Club was built around.


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