7 Habits of Crappy Sales People

1)  It’s all about ME, ME and ME!

As a sales person your objective is to provide a solution to a problem for your customers.  How do you sell a solution if you haven’t stopped talking long enough to find out what the problem is?  Sales people who go in with the “its all about me” attitude are heinous individuals that do nothing to instil confidence in their customers.

2) Never shutting up!

Shut up and listen.  I don’t know how many times I have listened to clients tell me how put off they were by a sales person that failed to listen.  Don’t just hear what the customers is saying, listen to what they are saying!

3) Arriving late or showing up without an appointment

If you arrive late with no good reason (I say this after running late for a meeting last week, but I promise I had a good reason) I would kick your arse out the door.  Arriving late without contacting your customer is just poor form.  It says  “I am more important than you and I don’t respect your time”.

Just popping by to say “Hi”  is equally as irritating for most business owners unless you come bearing gifts of significant value or have an amazingly good relationship.

4) Not completely understanding your product

This is sales 1.0.1 – you should know your product before you try to sell it.  Don’t know the answer?  Then be honest and upfront.  Don’t even think of fudging your way through.

5) Addressing the person you think makes the decision

Don’t underestimate the offence that can be caused by addressing only the person you think is of value to you.  Men need to be especially cautious of this when a wife, girlfriend , personal assistant or whom ever with girly parts is in the room.  Women are super tuned into this kind of behaviour and won’t be afraid to say so.  I heard a great example of this recently when a sales person continually addressed the male (Business Owner) in the room.  The female in the room (General Manager) was the one that actually makes the decisions. Had the sales person have listened he would have know this.

5) Failing to follow up

If you really truly want the sale then you just might want to consider following up!  Don’t leave your prospects hanging.  Read here for more info. This is especially important if you have promised to look for a bit of info or clarify something from your sales meeting.

 6) Answering your phone

Just don’t do it – EVER

7) Entering stalker territory

Continually stalking your potential new customers is weird.  You need to find that fine line between following up and stalking.  If you hang around often your customer will assume you have no other prospects on the go therefore your product or service is crap.  Desperation stinks, one whiff and your customer will be avoiding you like plague.