Sick of Creating Content? 7 Tips to make content creation easier and faster

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Sick of creating content for your online course or business here are 7 tips to streamline your content creation process

One of the downsides of online business (or upsides depending how much you love doing it) is the huge amount of content creation needed. There are weekly blog posts, email/newsletter blasts, social media posts, freebie opt-ins, course content, and then… all the freaking images!

It is a lot…

I get it. Sometimes I don’t love the endless writing and image creation. I write faster than I think so my grammar usually sucks and my spelling can sometimes be so awful even spell check hasn’t got a clue what I am trying to say. I do love me some Canva-pfaffing-about but even that gets tired sometimes.

It is all part of online business so we need to make it work!

If content creation is something you loathe I would suggest you’re in the wrong business. Online course creation and sales require a lot of it, from opt-ins to sales pages and everything in between. That doesn’t mean you need to be a slave to it. I was certainly creating more work that I needed to so I want to share the tricks I use to reduce the overwhelm of content creation.

My Simplified Content Creation Strategy

Tip 1 | One idea across multiple platforms

I have 100 odd ideas for content topics in an Asana project list. I use each of the ideas to create multiple pieces of content. That way one idea can become 3 Facebook posts, 3 Instagram images, 1 newsletter, 1 blog post, 1 Facebook live video, 1 Youtube video, 1 Pin etc… Make the most of every topic and spread it across multiple platforms.

Tip 2 | Duplicate blog + newsletter content

I don’t write a separate blog and newsletter (for my list of subscribers). Some people say your subscribers should get “premium content” meaning you keep the good stuff for your list only. I don’t have the time or creative juices to squeeze that much good stuff out and I ONLY share good stuff so why not make full use of it?

If you create an awesome email it has a very short lifespan. Say you have 500 people on your list. When you send that awesome email full of good stuff maybe 250 people will open it and read it. It then becomes “used” or dead content despite the fact it is awesome. I add the content to my blog so it lives on forever! The benefits of being subscribed to my list are that I send that info straight to your inbox and I share some stuff that I don’t want permanently on my blog like amazing offers and seriously interesting insights into things I am testing out.

Tip 3 | Turn video into blog content

Video is to online marketing what Madonna was to scrunchies and cinch belts in the late 80’s. The new kid on the block who is flashy and bold and impossible to ignore. Video is not just a passing fad, and like Madonna, it is here to stay for a long time. If you’re not a great writer or you’re limited with time jump in front of the camera and start talking. You can then use a transcription service like Revs to transcribe your video into written content for your blog, newsletter or course.

* I have tried multiple tools to transcribe me talking into a microphone but mostly it just gets frustrating. I found it easier to pay for someone else to do it.

Tip 4 | Write down your processes

Take the time to write down an order of content creation and publishing steps so you follow the same process each time. This has been vital to my consistency and time management. I don’t forget to create a Pin or schedule posts, I know everything that needs to be done for each piece of content.

Following a process also means no piece of content gets left behind or forgotten about. Before I did this in my own business I would write a newsletter and send it out with every intention of coming back later to copy it over to the blog, create images and schedule to Facebook. You know what they say about the best intentions… Don’t create extra work for yourself. Do it right the first time.

Tip 5 | Automate posting

Where possible automate your posting schedule. I can create 12 weeks of content up front then schedule it to send when I am ready. When you take the time to schedule you create consistency with your marketing and you recycle content. I schedule my old blog posts to Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest monthly so there is always multiple blogs getting into the feeds of my followers. My organic (free) subscriber numbers have jumped this year thanks to auto-posting old blogs on Facebook and Twitter (I have them linked so I only need to post once).

This tip is perfect if you have kids (because life can be unpredictable) or if you’re taking a holiday. Your followers and subscribers won’t notice you’re not around because your lovely content will still be showing up in their newsfeed and inboxes.

*I have heard that some platforms penalise pre-scheduled content. You will need to test and measure your own results to decide.

Tip 6 | Get some other mug to do it

Kidding. I mean outsource! Find a Virtual Assistant to turn your draft into a blog, newsletter, posts etc.. Give them your detailed content creation and publishing process to follow. I ask my VA to tick off the list as she goes so I can see everything has been done. The time I took to write my process was so worth the effort as I also know how long it should take my V.A to do the job. There is no pulling the wool over these eyes when it comes to hourly rates! If I get a bill for four hours (after they have had some practice of course) I know I am overpaying.

Tip 7 | Create NOTHING without a purpose

My last bit of advice is my biggest! I wasted so much time creating content with no purpose in mind. I would think “Oh crap I need to send something to my list”. I would write a lengthy blog that didn’t really fit anywhere. While the advice might have been great it just didn’t serve any real purpose or have any call to action. Every piece of content must serve a purpose within your sales process. You need to figure out which bits of content contain a call to action so you’re not just dishing up free content without asking for a sale.

Take the time to p.l.a.n your content. It will honestly make your life so much simpler and you can then focus on writing and videoing and creating when it suits you. Depending on my mood I am a geyser of words, they just pour out or a dried up dead plant, nothing can be squeezed out. Having a plan of content means I can dip in when the mood takes me and write a heap of content that I can then date and hand over to my V.A.

Hope these tips help you think more strategically about your content creation. Remember create, publish, share, recycle! You’re too fabulous for your content to be a one hit wonder!

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