Gold Coast Graphic Design Testimonial




Kelly Robinson


Graphic Design




What inspired you to look for a business coach?

I see the value in business coaching and have always had one.

Why did you choose Melanie?
She’s been around for a while, which puts a lot of trust there. In my experience many business coaches disappear (and become life coaches or something).

How did your business feel to you prior to coaching with Melanie?
Good. I’ve always had a business coach and feel better setting goals with dates etc. and having someone to answer to.

How does your business feel to you now?
Melanie forces us to be more accountable to our goals and to finish those to-do lists!

What is the one thing you learnt from Melanie that stands out the most?
She’s a straight shooter and doesn’t waste my time.

Would you recommend a business coach to other small business owners and if so why?
Yes, I would – you don’t fix your own car if you’re not a mechanic.

What one thing did you/do you love about business coaching? 

Having someone to be accountable to and making you do things and think outside your comfort zone.

What one thing did you/do you hate about business coaching? 

That damn time tracker, oh and that Miss Melanie doesn’t like all my to-do lists.

The Coaches perspective

I had known Kelly for some time before she engaged me as her business coach. I knew she was skeptical about business coaches, she has been in business for many years on the Gold Coast and has seen a lot of coaches come and go (taking clients hard earned cash with them).

Kelly had always been very open about her passion for happy clients more so than money.  Her business has an amazing reputation and a lot of care was taken to ensure that the key fundamentals of amazing design and affordable pricing were not changed.

As with other creative clients my biggest challenge with Gold Coast Graphic Design was to balance creativity with business.  My sessions with Kelly are more about openly discussing opportunities and weaknesses within the business and finding a place where Kelly is comfortable to make change.  This is HER business, not mine – it is one area where I differ from many other coaches.  Our coaching plan is designed specifically for Gold Coast Graphic Design.  A one size fits all approach would have been extremely detrimental to this business (I personally believe Kelly is worth triple what she charges!).