Love Mae Testimonial



Peta O’Neill and Emily Chamberlain (Marvellous Stationery)


Australian designed and manufactured children’s and adults home wares.

What inspired you to look for a business coach?

Originally to help with communications within a business that had three business partners. I however have received so much more than that and now enjoy directional support and advice.

Why did you choose Melanie?

I immediately felt comfortable with Melanie’s energy and the way she delivers her expertise.  She personally is a great fit for my business.

How did your business feel prior to coaching with Melanie?

Haphazard and out of control.  No direction and no understanding of the core business.

How does your business feel now?

Completely in control, with mapped out direction.  We work with bite sized pieces that I can easily achieve, implement and feel the effects of.  I am now confident and enjoy the security of our new direction.

Would you recommend a business coach to other small business owner and if so why?

I do constantly!

What is the one thing you learnt from Melanie that stands out the most?

That you can be in control of your own business!

What one thing do you love about business coaching?

The dedicated moment that are improving my business every day.  That my business structure gets the time and energy it needs and deserves to continue on its pathway to growth and success.

What one thing did you/do you hate about business coaching?

Reality has always been a problem of mine.  Initially the reality that Melanie presented seemed quite boring and quite confronting as I had to change some extremely bad habits…habits that personally I loved.  I can’t say that I hate that about business coaching now but I certainly did at the start.

 The Coaches’ perspective – some words from Melanie

Peta and the team at Love Mae have a truly amazing product.  The business ethos’ centres around thoughtfully made and environmentally friendly product that is practical and beautiful.  My biggest challenge with Peta was to balance her creativity with the businesses need for structure and planning.  When coaching a creative client I find different challenges and need to develop a coaching schedule that allows for that creativity.

Our first big win came from one very simple change to the business, marketing!  Love Mae has always been a business created around community and not around sales.  Changing that mindset was challenging, but without sales you don’t have a business.  Within a three months the marketing had kicked in to full gear and financial changes were being seen.  Together with Peta we explored every aspect of the business starting with the basics; profit margins, stock turns, pricing etc – continuing into structuring, risk reduction, cash flow projections, export/import and much more.

Coaching the Love Mae team has been a careful balance of ensuring the very core of the business, the ethos, has not been changed so much so that Mae has morphed into a commercial beast.  The business remains eco friendly, design orientated and extremely customer focused.  This has been achieved with the added benefit of a controlled growth plan, increased profits and reduced risk.