Marvellous Stationary Testimonial


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Emily Chamberlain


Hand made leather goods and stationary

What inspired you to look for a business coach?

Our previous business (Love Mae) was falling apart.  We wanted outside professional knowledge on how to run a business properly.

Why did you choose Melanie?

After our initial consultation we knew she was perfect.  She is a local and she is a woman with an incredible wealth of knowledge.  We related to her because she is female and we were a business with all women!

How did your business feel prior to your coaching with Melanie?

It felt like we were walking in the dark.  Trying and testing strategies in a business.

How does your business feel now?

Great!  We now have an outsiders opinion and perspective!

Would you recommend a business coach to other small business owners, if so why?

Yes! Definitely!  I always do.  I recommend a business for the accountability, guidance and knowledge on how to run a business.

What is the one thing you learnt from Melanie that stands out the most?

The simplicity of how a business should run and bringing back every decision to what our original vision and purpose for the business was.

What one thing did you/do you love about business coaching?

The regular meetings to keep me on my toes, and how lovely Melanie is.

What one thing did you hate about business coaching?

ummm… there is nothing I don’t like about it!

The Coaches perspective

Emily began coaching with me as part of the Love Mae team.  I then guided Emily through a transition from partner of Love Mae into her own business, Marvellous Stationary.  With Emily I had to deal with my own impatience as she is a perfectionist!  A creative person who focuses on a beautifully designed and manufactured end product, Emily needed time to develop her own understanding of the changes we were making.  Emily’s strengths are in design firstly, and now she has a good understanding of business too.

My goal with any client is to ensure that I am passing knowledge on, not holding onto it so you are stuck with me for life.  I involve and challenge clients to learn new skills like calculating profitability, understanding cash flow, managing staff, forecasting growth budgets etc so they own the knowledge!