Oracle Business Accountants Testimonial




Melissa Hill


Business Accountant

What inspired you to look for a business coach?

Wanting to move to the next phase in my business

Why did you choose Melanie?

I like her!

How did your business feel to you prior to coaching with Melanie?

At capacity, going nowhere further.

How does your business feel to you now?

Loads for room for growth.

Would you recommend a business coach to other small business owners, if so why?

Of course – it’s a very valuable tool to help business owners get where they want to be and keep them accountable.

What is the one thing you learnt from Melanie that stands out the most?

Structuring my work day so its as productive as possible.

What one thing do you love about business coaching?

Seeing progress and feeling as thought I’m achieving things.

What one thing do you/did you hate about business coaching?


The Coaches perspective 

Working with Melissa from Oracle is a great example of an extremely knowledgeable business person who knows their stuff.  Melissa is the expert in small business financials; where to find more profit, how to reduce risk, how to reduce expenses, forecasting cash-flow, controlling debt etc!  Her biggest struggle was leading a team and growing a business without having someone to bounce idea’s off and keep her on plan.

Our coaching sessions give Melissa an opportunity to vent to someone (me!) who is not finically or emotionally tied to the business.  She is often dished up a serve of cold hard facts and it is rare that I am telling her something she is not already aware of.  Having my perspective gives her confidence in her decisions and no way to wiggle out of the bits of the business she does not enjoy so much.   We set high K.P.I’s for Mel and her team at Oracle to achieve.  When does achieve we celebrate, when she doesn’t we revisit the strategy.

That is Melissa on the left and me on the right!  In the middle is another client of mine, Marie from Fedorov Family Lawyers.


Melanie with Marie from Fedorov Family Lawyers (centre)  and Melissa from Oracle Business Accountants

Melanie with Marie from Fedorov Family Lawyers (centre) and Melissa from Oracle Business Accountants