Get to know Melanie,

Profit Lover. 

Profit growth strategy + advice designed for female business owners.

Combating the over-saturation of mindset, manifesting and magical thinking gurus and experts with a practical yet impactful approach to business growth. 


With 20-something years experience in business management, consulting, coaching and strategy you're getting the real deal.  A seasoned professional who knows the ins and outs of business growth.


In the ever-evolving world of business, standing still (and recycling the same old strategies) doesn't cut it. Melanie loves exploring innovative strategies, new tools and market trends to stay on top of the profit lovin' game!


After years of navigating the 'online expert' wild west, Melanie has seen her fair share of dubious schemes and empty promises. Here, you'll find a refreshing haven of straight-shooting advice and tangible results.

When you have had enough of the cookie-cutter coaches + bloated overpriced online courses you have found the right place (or person, actually).

Want to work with Melanie?

Get started by choosing the option that best fits your current business.


Revenue less than $200k and you want to grow sales beyond that while also growing profit, but you need a better understanding of how to plan?


Already hitting $200k but not sure what to do next or need a strategy to optimise operations and profit before you scale?


Worked with Melanie before and now ready to re-engage so you can update your plans, continue your profit growth and reach new goals?

Business Vibes

Will you 'vibe' with Melanie?

Here is a quick round-up of Melanie's business vibes, pillars, values, principles, mantras, mottos... you get the idea! 

Profit crumbs are simply not enough.

Too many women settle for whatever crumbs of profit are left over at the end of the financial year. It leaves you overworked, unsatisfied and financially vulnerable (yes, if if you are married!).

Instead of waiting to scrap up the crumbs of profit leftover after everyone else has taken their piece we prioritise, calculate and plan your profit goals.

Getting big ol' dirty rich isn't the objective, (also there is nothing wrong with that). It's about spotlighting profit so you can build value in your business, create a steady income stream and plan for the future. 

Dude-planning doesn't cut it for the ladies.

Plans created by men but pitched at everyone forget the mental load women carry. Sure, you can hustle as hard as you like at 5am when someone else is washing your undies, filling your fridge and raising your kids. 

Even without kiddos business modelling with flexibility is a must for women. Allowing space for life's challenges and changes is achievable when you don't try to crowbar your business into a model defined by men. 

Profit loving strategies are agile, adaptable, flexible and creative. 

Knowing your numbers is non-negiotiable.

This is a biggie in the world of the Profit Lovers, no one is expected to know their business numbers right off the bat, but, knowledge is power and not knowing is risky.

We don't love risk around here, so understand your numbers is a must. You don't need accountant-level knowledge, you do need to understand the metrics and drivers that help your business succeed. 

Whimsy is out. Strategy is in.

Positive mantras and an an optimistic mindset provide a clear lens with which to view your business, they do not, however, replace a business growth strategy. 

Well crafted and implemented plans teamed with measurable key performance indicators form the basis of a business built to generate predictable and long term financial success.

t's not fancy, it doesn't come with a meditation guide, but it does level up your confidence, control and decision making. 

You're going to have to stop learning if you want to start earning.

It sounds counter-productive to stop learning when you're growing your business, but at some point you just need to stop consuming information.

Not so easy to do when there are a plethora of cool and interesting distractions from social media marketing, short form video creation, AI writing tools, productivity and organisation hacks, sprint planners... the list is endless. 

Instead of learning more we focus on doing less. Less marketing with better conversions, less products or offers with better margins, less manual handling with better automation and system.  You will stop being the "Jill of all trades" and become the "master of ONE" (profit!).

One hit wonders aren't the benchmark of business success.

We believe in building sustainable success, not just momentary flashes of fame. The six and seven figure coaches can help you build a hefty flow of sales, but can they help you maintain it? Is it profitable and what cost does it come at?

Capturing the markets attention with an 'on trend' offer or service when you don't know how to innovate or scale will have you ultimately fading into obscurity. 

Together we will create a thriving business that stands the test of time, not a one-hit wonder that fades away. Keep your cash flow healthy, reduce your risk as much as possible and ignore the one-hit-wonder coaches and courses.

The perfect match for the profit-mystified.

Knowing where to look for profit leaks, weeding out over-complication and creating new opportunities for growth and scale can feel like solving a puzzle when you're not certain you have all the pieces. 

Quick-fix solutions are everywhere you look, but often take you further away from achieving your goals by adding unnecessary layers of complexity, endless to-do tasks and non-specific actions.

The result is less than impressive, and leaves you very...erm... unsatisfied. Melanie is anti-quick fix solutions which makes for an unsavoury marketing message, but a killer long term revenue growth strategy.

Clearing a path to profit is Melanie's speciality, and unlike other solutions supposedly created for female business owners, the tools and strategies applied are cleverly crafted to deliver ease and clarity while positively impacting profit. Oh, and there is no magical manifesting, just no-nonsense guidance for tangible results. 

Vital  Stats.

Customers served! 1 HOURS

 of one-to-one client sessions

Customers served! 1 BUSINESS OWNERS

 across numerous industries

Customers served! 1 YEARS IN BUSINESS

so she has been around a while! 

Industry Experience

A talented business consultant + strategist doesn't need to specialise in your industry to deliver outstanding value and advice.

Melanie has a versatile profit focused tool kit that adapts to most industries.

As much as business owners believe their industry or business is different, or unique has a unique set of challenges the key issues remain constant.

How do you extract yourself from the day to day operations, let go of managing every aspect while also increasing profit?

Melanie has her 'sweet spot' industries, but her know-how is vast! Your business can be online, or good old fashioned bricks + mortar, service or product based, as long as the outcome you're aiming for is profit growth. 

If Melanie can't help with your specific industry or business type she won't string you along - she will tell you straight up!

We want nothing but win-win partnerships at the Profit Lovers.

  • Wholesale import + export
  • Retail eComm + bricks & mortar
  • Coaching + consulting
  • Travel, tourism + accomodation
  • Education + training
  • Law, accounting and other professional services
  • Graphic design, photography, web development
  • Copywriting, + ad Strategy
  • Marketing + branding strategy
  • Event management
  • Psychology + therapy services
  • Trades + construction

Here is how you can work with Melanie


Ready to engage Melanie to work on your business growth strategy alongside you? You will find full details (including price, because transparency is important around here!). 


Melanie can create a profit focused custom workshop for your audience, offer or online course. If you're interested in adding a Profit Lovers workshop please use the contact form.


Looking for a fractional CEO to lead strategic growth in your business? Melanie takes on a maximum of two clients at a time, so space is limited. Jump on to our contact page to request a waitlist position. 


If you're looking for a fun, engaging and profit-loving guest for your podcast Melanie might be exactly what you need. Reach out via the contact form to find out how to book Melanie as a guest on your podcast. 


Melanie offers one of sessions for previous clients only, if you would like to re-engage with Melanie please use the contact form to get in touch. 


Yes, and no.... Business coaching is a very broad term and different people interpret what a business coach is ... or does... in very different ways. Melanie's expertise is in strategy development and execution. If you're looking for a mindset, motivational or life coach there are much better options available. With that said, motivation and mindset development are an outcome of working with Melanie on business strategy and growth. 


You can invite her, but she absolutely will not participate. Sorry! Online summits are just not Melanie's cup of tea.


No, Melanie is an awful fit for brand new startups and people wanting help to create a business idea. If you're a current or returning client Melanie will help you validate your next business idea, but can not assist new clients

Increasing sales is great, but profit growth can change your life

Explore our most popular learning topics. 

Profit Loving Words.

I have cleared away the deadwood in business, I feel lighter! 

We laughed (a lot!) on calls but Melanie showed up each and every time prepared! She knew exactly what questions to ask to get the best from me. 

Copywrite Matters

I hit the jackpot working with Melanie!

I finally understand my figures, knowing my breakeven point might seem simple but it was a game-changer for me.

Lana's Garden

I was doing ok, but there was never enough to contribute to super, and I had no tax planning! 

Melanie said one day I would love looking at my numbers; of course, I didn't believe it. She was right! Best investment I have ever made. 

Jodie Clarke
The Empowered Educator

Personal stuff.

Hi, I'm Melanie. Profit Lover. Rescue pet advocate. Reformed trash-TV watcher. Unashamed Diet Coke connoisseur.

Putting the pieces of a business together in a profitable way comes easily to me, unlike many other pursuits! I have zero musical ability, and my hand-eye coordination is seriously lacking.

I love to travel; in fact, I love it so much I spent much of my 20's and early 30s romping around Canada, the U.S.A., U.K., Ireland, Hong Kong and China. 

I was lucky enough to land an amazing role in the home and giftwares industry that not only threw me into the deep end of sales management, endless trade shows and product-sourcing adventures, it also took me all over the world.

While working my tail off I also enjoyed the hole-in-wall restaurants of Little Italy in New York, pints of Bulmers in Dublin, fluffy pork buns in China, the insanely fresh air of Vancouver, cobblestoned streets of Leeds... and so much more. 

Until one day my mum became sick, really sick. So I planted my feet to bring as much comfort, financial support and peace to my mum as possible during a short but intense battle with Breast Cancer. 

Yes, life moves on, but with a new focus, fresh perspective and deep desire to improve the financial position of women in business. I didn't want to see another woman spend her final months worrying about money, or another daughter left debt to deal with, when they just need space to grieve.

And so, the Profit Lovers was born...