Are You a Procrasti-planner?

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  • Procrasti-planning
  • Procrasti-cleaning
  • Procrasti-organising
  • Procrasti-complicating

These are all real things!

Well, not really. I made them up. You get the idea though right? All those things we do in our businesses to feel productive but to avoid doing the important stuff. The stuff that matters. It is procrastination dressed up to convince yourself and others it is important work. It isn’t.

It’s all just procrastinating

Filler tasks and activities that are neither urgent or important are taking up space, energy and time in your business that you should be using to track sales, manage your cash flow (shock horror), market your business, connect with joint venture partners, build your database … and the list goes on…

When you fanny about with activities that fill space and time but don’t move your business forward you’re creating a dangerous black hole. When you make simple tasks complicated by adding in a heap of steps or unnecessary actions that really don’t matter your black hole gets bigger, and much scarier.

Busy with no results!

You will feel like you’re always doing business-y stuff. You will feel like you’re always busy and even a little overwhelmed. You will be doing busywork that fills your day but leaves you feeling frustrated and angry that your business just isn’t working. It is the lie you tell yourself that eventually, you will start believing.

But I need to get my plans in order first

If you don’t already have a plan in place (for the next 90 days at least) then do it today! We are already approaching mid-April, the year is quickly flying by.

But I can’t focus if my space is a mess!

That sounds like a lame excuse for not writing that sales email, learning how to set up that Facebook Ad, calling that lead to follow up, sending out that quote…

The real cost of Procrasti-planning/organising/cleaning/complicating

I was going to give you a quick and clever little calculation to figure out the cost of time wasted. Instead, I am going to give you a list of the things you might be missing out on by not focusing on the stuff that gets results. It’s more tangible than a calculation…

Overseas Holiday

Super/Retirement Savings

Investment Property

House Cleaner​

Dedicated Office Space

Professional Photos


Better Branding

Health Insurance

Flying Business Class

An Assistant

New Computer

Time.... ​

Yoga Classes

Music Classes

Meal Preparation

New Car

Home Renovations

Weekly Massage/Mani's/Pedi's

Car Detailer

New Furniture

Trip to the Dentist

Fancy Champagne

Swimming Pool

Gym Membership​

Personal wellness...​

What are you missing out on? What is that procrastination really costing you? It's not about the money. It's about what you're giving up in favour of wasting time.

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