Are you guilty of this four letter F Word?

Recently I noticed the four letter f-word appearing a lot in my life. I know exactly the word you think I am referring to and you can get your cussing minds out of the gutter.

It is not THAT word!

FEAR! The worst four letter F word. I took a trip overseas with my 24 year old sister to Thailand. It was her very first venture over seas but not mine.  I have lived, worked and holidayed in over 40 countries. Now this might shock you but I am not in my 20’s, and if I am really honest, I am pretty quickly running out numbers starting with 3 too.  In my 20’s and early 30’s I took big risks, I had very little fear. I once applied for a visa on a Thursday, quit my job on the following Monday and just 8 days later with less than $2,000 to my name moved to another country. Now I am older I would never do that again. Fear beats out risk and adventure.

For this trip I packed hand sanitiser, and band-aids, I packed extra clean undies “just in case” and I spent hours researching the best travel insurance. As I shoved yet another clear baggy of pharmaceuticals in my carry on bag (because I refuse to give up the youthful ability to travel with nothing but a carry-on) I thought to myself “when did the fear creep in?”

An 8 hour plane ride with little to do gives you a lot of time to think. I started making a list, because you all know how much I love me a list. I wrote down everything I had held back from doing due to fear. What would I have done in my 20’s without fear holding me back? Would I have researched so many hotel options? Would I have checked the Choice website for Australia’s best travel insurance? Would I have packed my bag 5 days in advance? Would I have packed enough medicinals to open a black market pop up pharmacy in the streets of Bangkok? The answer is NO!

So my question for you today is what are you fearing in your business? Are playing it safe with an “on the side business” out of fear? Are you holding back on writing your first book for fear people won’t want to read it, or worse, they will read it and they won’t love it? Are you fearing committing to the goals you really want to achieve? What is your business fear?  I would love to see some comments below if you are feeling brave!