Are you lovin’ your customers a little too much?

arrow through heartWhen we start out in business we are usually so dang excited to sign that first client or make that first sale that we feel the need to “reward” customers by over servicing. As the years go on and business grows we are stuck in this habit of giving more than is required so we don’t lose those wonderful warm bodies that made our first few years in business possible.

What happens when your over servicing costs you your ability to grow your business? I often get asked “how can I grow my business if I am already fully booked/constantly busy?” My answer is to go back to why you started your business (I pull the “why” question out constantly). If your main objective was to be loving, caring and cuddle each customer with your outstanding service then maybe you don’t need to grow? I doubt it though! If you wanted to offer great service AND make some cash then read on…

If you find yourself fully booked or too busy to grow then you need to reign in your customer lovin’ just a tad or you will never increase your profit. In doing so, assess where you are over servicing, what area’s you could dial down a fraction. Consider starting with a survey of your customers, find out what they love and what they don’t.

I performed what I called “Operation Customer Lovin'” with a client of mine a few years ago. Interestingly what the customer hated was the amount of time my client took out of their day. The client was a Naturapath who loved customer cuddling. Instead of the 45 minute appointment time the customer thought they were coming in for they got at least 1 hour. The business owner felt as though they were providing awesome service by giving their clients a little extra whilst the client was watching the clock and wondering how they were going to sneak back into work 15 minutes late.

Not only was the business cutting themselves short of 2 extra appointments per day ($150 per day in lost revenue = $750 per week!) they were causing their clients to book fewer appointments due to the time factor.

Are you lovin’ your clients a little too much?


p.s guilty party of one right here!