Are your customers loyal to your small business? 7 questions to ask yourself.


The way you perceive your business maybe very different to the way your customers or clients perceive your business.  If there is a large difference between the two you may have a problem.

Here are 7 questions to ask yourself about your business;

  1. Have you clearly identified and promoted who you are and what you do?
  2. Do you know what your customers think of you?
  3. Do they know about all of the services you provide?
  4. Do they know all of the products that you sell?
  5. How often does a customer use your product or service?
  6. Do they come back?  Do you know if they come back?
  7. Every customer has a lifetime value – do you know what that value is to your business?

Knowing the answer to the questions above is as easy as keeping clear financial sales records and surveying your customers.  Pick up the phone and ask the questions or use an online program like Survey Monkey to help you out.

Keep customer satisfied and informed and you should see them coming back time and time again.