May 26

Big fat excuses!


We all make excuses; we tell white lies about what we can and can’t do, about why we didn’t get something done, why we are busy or tired or whatever!

Here are some to the top excuses I hear from women everyday:

I am going to start on Monday

Stop treating your business like a diet, you can make change right now! You don’t need to wait until Monday, you don’t even need to wait until tomorrow – you can start right now!

I don’t have time

If you have time to check your facebook, to pin pictures of pretty offices on pinterest, to check your email 20 times a day then you have time to complete the important tasks in your business.

I don’t know how 

I don’t know how to write a marketing plan, I don’t know how to write a sales script, I don’t know how to figure out how many sales I made last month.  Well freaking google it! Spend some of that time you waste on social media, or out having coffee meetings that don’t lead to sales to find out how to do the things you don’t know how to do – invest in a course, ask someone who does know to help you!

I don’t know where to start

You do know where to start – you start with a plan!  You start with a big piece of paper blu tacked to a wall and you start writing down what needs to be done then you break that plan into actions –if you struggle to do this alone then get someone else involved.  My sister knows very little about business but she has helped get my thoughts onto paper and into actions, in fact it sometimes more valuable to have someone who doesn’t know about your business to help you.  I also have a trusted friend I call when I don’t feel like I know where to start – a 15-minute conversation with her has me leaping into action.

What are your excuses?


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