Being Visible Online – Episode One

Hey Profit Lover! Did you hear the big news?Trust me, you’re going to want to if you haven’t. Being visible onlineWhat is better than reading my words on a screen? Hearing my voice in your earholes.That’s right! You heard me! (soon, literally, I hope!)I have launched my very own Profit Lovers Podcast and I am […]

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How Growing your Business Profit can Change your Life

So you think growing your profit is just about growing your business?CHECK OUT PROFIT HAPPY HERE! Or maybe you think growing your profits would be amazing, but you’re already exhausted and overwhelmed by your business so it’s never going to happen.  You might not have hit the profit point in your business yet, so you know […]

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How I Create My Annual Plans

Ever wished you could see the behind the scenes of how an Online Business Coach decides on their goals for the year, breaks them down then tracks their progress? Well here it is! This is the process I use, and the process I give to my clients and Profit Lovers Members. It’s simple, it’s easy […]

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How One Email Made Over $5k in Sales

Here is a quick story of how one email brought in over $5k in under 3 hours.A few years ago, I was sitting in my client’s office talking about email marketing. There were a lot of screwed up faces, looks of disgust. How dare I ask them to email their list! I knew I was […]

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Why My Marketing SUCKS And How I Am Fixing It

Well, this is an uncomfortable exercise in self-exposure of my marketing failings. Like most women in business, I struggle with marketing. I am the smoking Doctor, the Plumber with the broken toilet, a Chef with an empty fridge..  That’s embarrassing… Why are you telling us?Because you’re likely struggling with a few of the same things I […]

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Five Pricing Mistakes Keeping YOU Broke!

There is a bucket load of pricing mistakes women in business make, easy mistakes in that they’re easy to avoid! Pricing can feel complicated; it can feel emotional and confronting.Pricing is one of those parts of business that people love to give advice about too. We all have that friend who sends all her mates […]

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COVID19 Quick Tips for Business Recovery

SCARED TO MARKET YOUR BUSINESS? SELLING GIFT CARDS OR VOUCHERS? SHOULD YOU PIVOT YOUR BUSINESS? MARKETING VS CUSTOMER NUTURING WANT TO SKIP MARKETING ANDTRY SOMETHING NEW? I have already talked about marketing during this sensitive time in another video, and how uncomfortable that can feel. If you feel that it is not the right time, […]

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