Are You a Procrasti-planner?

how to beat procrastination when you're self employed business strategy and coach for women melanie miller the profit lovers

Procrasti-planningProcrasti-cleaningProcrasti-organisingProcrasti-complicating These are all real things! Well, not really. I made them up. You get the idea though right? All those things we do in our businesses to feel productive but to avoid doing the important stuff. The stuff that matters. It is procrastination dressed up to convince yourself and others it is important work. […]

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5 Small Changes for BIG Results

5 small changes you can make to your business that improve profit for free. The Profit Lovers for Women in Business.

Everyone seems to be looking for the big fix right now. That one “thing” that will turn their business from meh.. into yeah! If that sounds like you I have bad news and good news. Let’s go with the bad first… There is NO one big fix If you’re looking for a course, coach, habit, […]

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