Everyone loves a loss leader

  Do you know what a loss leader is?  Let me assume you are shaking your head “no” right now.  To put it simply it is a product sold at a loss to encourage sales of higher margin items. One of the best examples of loss leaders are the bread and milk at your local […]

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Big business lessons for small business owners

  As a small business coach I see the majority of clients making the same mistakes.  A couple that rear theirugly heads constantly are poor cash flow management and unprofitable products or services. No big surprises there. You might be surprised to know that big businesses also suffer from these two uglies. Recently cleaning giants […]

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Who are you accountable to?

For those of you who follow me on Facebook you will have noticed that I have been on a 7 day juice detox.  I am the first to admit that it sounds nuts – 7 days without chewing, 7 days of no eating out, 7 days of constantly juicing as many vegetable as I could […]

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Do you have business F.O.M.O?

  What is business F.O.M.O? It is an insidious depleting disease that is spreading faster than herpes in an youth hostel. F.O.M.O is Fear of Missing Out.  You might be suffering from this horrible affliction right now! Diagnose yourself before it is too late!  Answer the questions below to see if you have been infected […]

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Hello, are you busy?

Well hello there!  Today’s question is “are you busy?” Have you ever noticed how many times people answer the question of “How are you?” with “really busy?” If all of the people that told me they are really busy really were busy, they would be making a crap load more money than they are!  The word […]

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