7 Habits of Crappy Sales People

1)  It’s all about ME, ME and ME! As a sales person your objective is to provide a solution to a problem for your customers.  How do you sell a solution if you haven’t stopped talking long enough to find out what the problem is?  Sales people who go in with the “its all about […]

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How do I register a business name?

 Need to register a business name?Finally the Australian Government has gotten it together and established one place where you register your business name regardless of where you live in this fine country. Previously businesses needed to register their names in each state individually which was not only bound with red tape but also expensive. Now all you […]

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The worst sales mistake you can make

Lets keep this short and sweet – the worst sales mistake you can make is to tell a customer that if they are interested in your product or service they can contact YOU. No no no!  If you are interested in providing that customer with a solution via the product or service you sell then YOU need […]

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