Sales Funnel Checklist

How to set up a Sales Funnel using The Profit Lovers Sales Funnel Checklist

There are lots of comments right now in Facebook groups, particularly for women in business, focusing on the lack of traction from social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. The frustration is that the Instagram algorithms have been changing and all of a sudden posts are not getting as much interaction or as many […]

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Marketing – You’re Giving Up too Fast!

How many times have you seen someone post or heard someone say “Facebook ads don’t work for me” or “my marketing never works” and maybe even “I am giving up, I have done EVERYTHING possible and still no one is buying my goodies!”. You might have even thought this yourself. I know I certainly have.Marketing […]

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Business Frenimies

Sometimes well-meaning friends and family do bad, bad things… We often think our biggest fear is that of the haters, the keyboard warriors, and trolls or competitors. It might not be stranger danger for you. It might not be that random weirdo typing out hateful reviews who is creating doubt in your mind and paralysing you from […]

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