June 17

Break the Work from Home Rules



Hey you little rule breaker! 

Today I am giving you permission to put on a load of laundry or sweep the floors.

I googled the search term “tips for working from home” and there were about 1.2 million results! I checked out the most popular articles, of which most suggested that we need to avoid slipping out of the office to complete household chores. Now in theory I do agree that you are not going to get a whole lot accomplished if you are running around with the vacuum instead of updating your cash flow or calling customers, but I disagree that you can not do anything other than work during your work day.

When the short attention span attacks…

If you are finding yourself wasting time, you keep attempting a task but can’t quite muster the attention or just don’t have the headspace then you may as well whip the vacuum out. In fact getting up, moving around and doing a task that is pretty mindless might just be the perfect way to get the blood flow happening and to refresh your brain.

Make the kitchen timer your friend!

Grab a kitchen timer or your phone and set yourself 15 to 20 minutes to go do something else , as soon as the timer goes off you must head back to work. Many of my Profit Lovers are busy mums who work from a home offices and time is precious.  Instead of wasting it sitting at your desk attempting to force yourself to work when you are just not up to it, go do something practical with that time. The business coach is giving you permission!


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