Bringing Business to Retail Podcast with Salena Knight

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Embracing Profit with Salena Knight and Melanie Miller

embracing profit with salena knight and melanie miller


Melanie is chatting with Salena Knight about embracing profit, and all things loving business. She will talk about;

  • How to turn your investment into profit
  • Learn a few tips about optimising your newsletter
  • Why consistency is important in your business
  • How to organize your marketing step by step


Melanie Miller is a lover of the unsexy side of business.

After breaking up with the corporate world of soul sucking employers she became a business coach focusing on dishing up the hard unsexy truths of business to women. 

Two years ago tragedy struck when Melanie’s Mum lost an almost two year battle with breast cancer. Every thing changed.

Seeing how short life really is Melanie decided to go all in on creating a lifestyle business driven by her passion to help women create Profitable, Live-able and Loveable businesses both off and online.

Today Melanie has a thriving online business generating in excess of $140K per year, a crazy fun community of over 8000 female entrepreneurs and is living nicely in what she calls her business “sweet spot”.

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