Business Addicts Podcast with Loren and Fiona

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Business Addicts Interview

business addicts podcast with melanie miller

Loving Profit with Melanie Miller on the Business Addicts Podcast with Loren Bartley and Fiona Redding

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In this episode we explore

  • How to create a business that is Profitable + Liveable + Loveable
  • The importance of covering off on the “unsexy” fundamental basics of business in order to be able to propel your business forward
  • Tips for how you can structure your businesses in a way that ensures that you have a consistent income coming in and are getting paid first
  • Tools for keeping track of the key metrics in your business that will drive profit
  • The key metrics you should be tracking on a daily basis
  • How frequently you should be managing your banking for better control of your finances
  • The importance of setting up seperate business accounts for banking and Paypal
  • The issue of lumpy cash flow cycles and what you can do to break the poor cash flow cycle
  • The importance of analysing your profit and loss statement and forward planning your cashflow at least once a month against your expectations for the month
  • Why most people who think they have a cash flow problem actually have a marketing problem rather than a cash flow problem
  • Why regular reoccurring income is so important for fuelling your business
  • The issues that come with premium pricing as a strategy for increased profits
  • The importance of finding a cash flow system that works best for your and your circumstances
  • If you aren’t achieving your financial goals for your business, what you need to do to determine why this is the case

Resources discussed in the show

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