Does Your Business Dream Match Reality?

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Here is a slightly uncomfortable question for you to think about as we near the end of another financial year (in Australia) and the mid-year point of the calendar. 

“Do you like the IDEA of having a business or do you want to be IN business?”

We are almost 50% done with 2017, a few blinks later Christmas will be in our sights and for many the review of the year will bring frustration and disappointment. 

A business can be like fancy knickers that get stuck up your butt

Not everyone wants to be IN business. Not everyone understands what it takes or is willing to do the unsexy stuff that makes a business work. The idea of being in business is much sexier than the reality. Kind of like fancy lingerie that looks good on the model but gets stuck up your butt 
and makes your lady bits sweaty. The idea you had does not match the reality. 

Women who like the idea of business might…

  • Spend a lot of time hanging in Facebook groups instead of getting stuff done
  • Ask for advice from people who aren’t where they want to be on things like pricing and marketing
  • Assume a Facebook page and Instagram account constitute a marketing strategy and a solid sales plan
  • Make excuses as to why they have no time to track the important numbers in their business (while also hanging on Facebook all day)
  • Don’t want to invest financially in trying anything new, especially when it comes to marketing
  • Give up at the first hurdle when marketing because “it didn’t work for them”
  • Prefer to focus on the pretty site of their business while completely ignoring the basics like cash flow and pricing strategy
  • Spend more time posting photos on Instagram of themselves “planning” with pretty journals and pens than implementing anything
  • Don’t spend any time figuring out what gaps they have and how to fix them
  • Ask questions like “I launched my business and everyone loves it but no one is buying so can someone go check my website and tell me what’s wrong?”

We are all guilty of slipping into the habit of some of the points above at some time. The difference is someone who really wants to be in business will make a lazy detour through for a short visit, while those who like the idea of being self-employed but not the reality will take up residence there. 

This gig ain’t for everyone

I would love everyone to be successful in business and every working day I have I use what I know to help women achieve that. But I have to say.. as a gal who has been around the business block a time or two.. or three… this gig ain’t for everyone. It seems like there are a lot of women chasing the dream but few building the bridge to get there. 

Feeling a little deflated?

Don’t be! Here is some great news. If you have read this far you are most likely in the right camp. Those who only like the idea of business have probably gone to Instagram their lunch by now #eatclean #workfromhome #girlboss #livingmypurpose #melanieisshakingherhead

There is no shame in seeing yourself in the list above, the only shame is choosing to remain there while claiming you’re doing everything you can. Business doesn’t come with a manual (unless of course, you’re in the Profit Lovers Members Club). There is a good chance you’re just not sure what you should be doing. That can be fixed!

You want to be here right?

It is really as simple as a yes or no decision. Do you want this to work? Are you willing to put aside your mind junk, excuses, and distractions to make a real go of this? Are you willing to work up a sweat? To be uncomfortable sometimes? To do the unsexy stuff even though it makes your stomach hurt? 

As soon as you make the decision to be in business, to take this opportunity by the lady-balls and make it your own ticket to freedom and income the rest is easy… kind of.. 

Actually, it isn’t easy but the rewards are outrageously worth the effort

The first step is knowing what you don’t know so you can know it. Whoa. Clarity gives power. Uncovering the holes in your business and knowledge and creating a priority list of what you need to do and learn will put you on the right path. If you’re not feeling at least a little challenged by your business then it is time to up your game and get a little fire in your belly. 


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