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Old Customer? Who cares!

How much effort do you spend keeping your existing customers? It always shocks me how much effort businesses go to to find new customers while completely ignoring the customers they already have. Recently I visited my local beautician who was offering a free eye brow wax with an any other service, but only for new […]

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Where to send your worst customer!

  Of course you have heard the saying “the customer is always right”, but is the customer always right? The first use of the slogan “the customer is always right” has been credited to the king of department stores Mr Harry Gordon Selfridge, and Marshall Field the man behind what we now know as Macy’s […]

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Do you ‘woo’ your customers?

  A few weeks ago I was looking at a big (for me anyway) purchase.  I was quite shocked when the sales guy used the good old “so will that be cash or card” before he woo-ed me.  It was like being on a first date where you think you are having a nice friendly […]

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Everyone loves a loss leader

  Do you know what a loss leader is?  Let me assume you are shaking your head “no” right now.  To put it simply it is a product sold at a loss to encourage sales of higher margin items. One of the best examples of loss leaders are the bread and milk at your local […]

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