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2017, Let’s do this!

2017 Business Planning

Like a lot of people, I feel 2016 was a year I would prefer not to repeat. I really enjoyed seeing the year come to an end. I also relished in the fact that I was not alone in my 2016 misery. There were meme’s a plenty wishing good riddance on the year all over […]

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Why Business Can Be So Dang Confusing

Are you confused about how to run your business in as little time as possible yet still make money? Well you dang well should be! If you’re not then you’re in the minority. The information being delightfully delivered to your inbox and shoved into your news feeds is a clustermuck (see what I did there…. I […]

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Manifesting Not Working?

First up let me just say that I, Melanie Miller, am I manifester. I love it. Sometimes I get super lazy, sometimes I forget, sometimes I don’t truly believe, sometimes I get exactly what I asked for but don’t actually recognise it. I am just like many other women in business who love the practice […]

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What is your weakness?

  I posted a while ago on Facebook about understanding how to complete a SWOT analysis. It is a part of a business plan that is very unexy but incredibly useful. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. The first time I posted we had a little interaction, nothing special, there were just a […]

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People aren’t thinking about you!

If you are making decisions in your business based on what other people might think about you I am going to tell you something that probably sounds harsh, but you need to hear it. People are thinking about you a whole lot less than you think they are. 99.99999% of people could not get a […]

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