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2017, Let’s do this!

2017 Business Planning

Like a lot of people, I feel 2016 was a year I would prefer not to repeat. I really enjoyed seeing the year come to an end. I also relished in the fact that I was not alone in my 2016 misery. There were meme’s a plenty wishing good riddance on the year all over […]

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Why Business Can Be So Dang Confusing

Are you confused about how to run your business in as little time as possible yet still make money? Well you dang well should be! If you’re not then you’re in the minority. The information being delightfully delivered to your inbox and shoved into your news feeds is a clustermuck (see what I did there…. I […]

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Manifesting Not Working?

First up let me just say that I, Melanie Miller, am I manifester. I love it. Sometimes I get super lazy, sometimes I forget, sometimes I don’t truly believe, sometimes I get exactly what I asked for but don’t actually recognise it. I am just like many other women in business who love the practice […]

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Big fat excuses!

We all make excuses; we tell white lies about what we can and can’t do, about why we didn’t get something done, why we are busy or tired or whatever! Here are some to the top excuses I hear from women everyday: I am going to start on Monday Stop treating your business like a […]

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Forget what those b*tches say!

 Do you just love yourself sick? I am going to tell you why you should! Growing up us little ladies could insult each other by saying “oh she is so in love with herself.Often it was a jealousy driven jibe by little girls learning the beginnings of being big old bitches.We were lead to believe that […]

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Could your business kill someone?


  This week instead of Two Minute Tuesday I want to share something really important with you.  It could save your life, it could save the lives of others. We are all busy right?  So busy we check our email when stopped at traffic lights, so busy we quickly check our Facebook page while cruising […]

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