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The Quick Tip that Could Double Your Sales

how to double your sales using simple business techniques

I am finishing up The Email Marketing Kit this week. My Members Club gals have been very patiently awaiting its arrival and after a mass tech screw up I am finally almost done (again). I always need lots of little breaks when I am heavily into content creation mode. I head to a local cafe where […]

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How Do I Pay Myself from My Business?

how to calculate how to pay yourself from your business

So here is something that catches a lot of women in small business out. It seems obvious right? You make some sales and keep some money.. simple.. uh.. not so much.. “How the heck do you pay yourself?”This isn’t just a question of making sales, it is so much more than that! It is the details […]

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Stuck the Feast-Famine Cycle? Here is Why!

business coach women melanie miller profit lovers strategy cashflow

+ Always running out of money in your business?+ Wish you didn’t need to rely on discounting?+ Sick of creating new stuff to make sales?The dreaded feast-famine cycle, oh how I wish women could see what this is really doing to their businesses. You might recognise this cycle? The pure heady bliss when a chunk […]

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Customers Making Excuses? Here is Why!

business coach for women increase sales the profit lovers

I read a post in a Facebook business group recently that blamed the customer for not taking action and being excuse-makers. I could tell the business owner was frustrated by a lack of interest in a program she was running. She had promoted in the group a few weeks before and then dropped her price […]

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Don’t Outsource Anything Until You Read This!

Over the last few weeks we have been talking time hacks, working less and making more! Let’s continue on with that fabulous theme, because who doesn’t love free time and a bigger bank balance?Today we are talking… outsourcing!”Outsource” might be one of the all-time golden goose of business buzzwords. All the successful business gals about […]

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