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“Must Do” Friday Tasks!

   Did you know that they way you end your work week can affect your entire weekend and taint your chance of success the following week?If you didn’t you do now!  One of my favourite things to do are my Friday afternoon tasks that mark the end of the work week, the start of cocktail hour and […]

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My #1 Time Saving Tool

I have to be honest, I wasn’t going to give this this tool away for free. It has made my business super easy to track and manage and I love it so much I didn’t really want to share. #rude. That isn’t quite in the spirit of being Queen Bee of the Profit Lovers so please […]

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Five Bits of Really Bad Business Advice

There are some bits of business advice I see floating around on the interwebs that drive me nuts! Really, really bad bits of advice that are not real-world-business-reality. Bits of advice that can (and have) done serious damage to the success of business. Here goes… 1) You don’t need a business coach I am a […]

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Does your business need to change?

All businesses go through life cycles.  Sometimes life is good, sometimes life is not so good.  The challenge is to  identify  what to change when business is not so good. Often it is not the business itself that requires change as much as it is the needs of the business owner.  Perhaps you as the […]

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Big business lessons for small business owners

  As a small business coach I see the majority of clients making the same mistakes.  A couple that rear theirugly heads constantly are poor cash flow management and unprofitable products or services. No big surprises there. You might be surprised to know that big businesses also suffer from these two uglies. Recently cleaning giants […]

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