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The Quick Productivity Test

I was wasting time on Instagram (again ) when this little video popped up. Now when I am d*cking about with things I shouldn’t be the song gets stuck in my head…  “I don’t really wanna do the work today…I don’t really wanna dooo the work today.” It’s an earworm. An annoying little piece of music […]

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How to Tackle BIG Projects in 7 Steps

Got a big project that has been sitting on your action plan for months or even years? Do you keep looking at that plan feeling guilty that you haven’t started but not sure how to kick off? Are you waiting for the ‘extra time’ fairies to bless you with the hours to complete said projects? […]

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Are You a Procrasti-planner?

how to beat procrastination when you're self employed business strategy and coach for women melanie miller the profit lovers

Procrasti-planningProcrasti-cleaningProcrasti-organisingProcrasti-complicating These are all real things!Well, not really. I made them up. You get the idea though right? All those things we do in our businesses to feel productive but to avoid doing the important stuff. The stuff that matters. It is procrastination dressed up to convince yourself and others it is important work. It […]

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Small Actions, Big Results

A very clever way women procrastinate is by assuming they need to set aside massive blocks of time to focus on a particular area of business. Planning and bookkeeping/cash flow are the two I hear women most often say “I just need to find a day to get stuck in to that”. You’re busy, you’re […]

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Break the Work from Home Rules

  Hey you little rule breaker!  Today I am giving you permission to put on a load of laundry or sweep the floors. I googled the search term “tips for working from home” and there were about 1.2 million results! I checked out the most popular articles, of which most suggested that we need to […]

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