Coffee first?


This morning I asked a question on my Facebook page (which magically Tweets too), “What was the first thing you did when you started work this morning?”  You know how sometimes people ask a question and you lie, you give them the answer you know they want. Well… no one did that today.

Here are some of the responses I received:

“Made coffee”
“Ate a croissant and made coffee”
“Got coffee”
“Bought coffee”
“Drank coffee”

As a non-coffee drinking business coach can I just say “WTF?”  WhatI was really wanting to hear was “I checked over my action plan for the week that I carefully constructed on Friday”  Yes people, I said FRIDAY!

Think about your week.  Usually Friday hits and you are scrambling to complete all those tasks that you have not yet tackled. By end of day you are exhausted and just want to head home (or to a bar if you are like me).

You then spend the weekend thinking about everything you need to remember to get done on Monday.  You turn up to work on Monday feeling a little tired (because you were thinking about work over the weekend).  You turn on the computer and start checking email whilst also juggling a little bit of Facebook and Twitter action. Before you know it the day is gone and you have not achieved much at all.

When Monday morning roles around you should really be at your freshest, you should be brimming with business infused perkiness. First thing Monday should be a great time to tackle ugly tasks so you can get them over and done with early in the week.  If you are still trying to figure out what the heck you forgot to do last
week  you will squash your perky.  No one wants a squashed perky.

Give the following a try on Friday

Friday mid morning task
(leaving it till last thing on Friday can cause you to rush… we don’t want that)

1. Check your to do list – what needs to be transferred to next week, what tasks are missing
2. Think about time needed – scribble a rough estimate of the time you think each task will take
3. Essential jobs (banking, invoicing etc) – schedule these into your diary as a recurring task instead of placing on your to do list

Monday morning task

1. Make your damn coffee – I know you are going to anyway…
2. Refresh your memory – grab your to do list and take a glance over your diary for the week
3. Pick an ugly task and START!

Small changes can give big results.  This might seem a bit trivial but I can guarantee you it works.  I know this as I forced my team of 6 staff to do it years ago.  It really changed the Monday dynamic!

Give it a try, you might be surprised at the results!

Now let’s kick some (business) ass!