Confessions of a Female Entrepreneur with Alyssa Martin

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Confessions of a female entrepreneur with Alyssa Martin 

*Click here to listen to my interview on Confessions of a Female Entrepreneur with Alyssa Martin*

In this interview of Confessions of a Female Entrepreneur, Alyssa and I talk about:

  • Why having a haters is a good thing in your business - you know, the keyboard warriors who want to try and put you down
  • The biggest risk I have taken in my business
  • Missed opportunities for business, especially online and how customer experience can make you more money
  • The fear of changing and narrowing your target market
  • How following your gut will always lead you to the right place
  • The tips and tricks to figuring out how to create a profitable + liveable + loveable business
  • Our "why" of we are in business and what pushes us to do what we do!
Resources Alyssa and I discuss during the episode:

Don't Piss on my Doorstep - Social Media Don'ts

Alyssa's email toolkit

How Should I Say That? 15 Email Scripts for Hassle-free Client Relationships & Keeping Projects on Track

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