Could your business kill someone?

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This week instead of Two Minute Tuesday I want to share something really important with you.  It could save your life, it could save the lives of others.

We are all busy right?  So busy we check our email when stopped at traffic lights, so busy we quickly check our Facebook page while cruising up the highway.  We are supreme multi-taskers so what is the harm?  You are only taking your eyes off the road for a minute, what could possibly go wrong?

I often have a battle trying to convince my clients to stop touching their phones in their cars.  I have always come from a place of not being controlled by email.  I want my clients to stop allowing their businesses to control them and one of the first steps is letting go of this weird obsession with email checking.


Last Friday I witnessed a women who looked busy and stressed jump into her car.  She grabbed out her phone and was looking down while pulling out of a car space. Right in front of her car a little person shot from the grip of an equally busy looking woman.  If not for the three people watching this unfold that little person would have be hit.  I have never screamed so loudly in my life and once the adrenalin subsided I cried like a baby.


Please click play on the video above.  Stop letting your business control you, no email is important enough for any of us to touch our phones in the car. Yes, I know it is ‘illegal’ but that doesn’t stop a lot of us from doing it.


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