Crappy Sales? Here are the REAL reasons why

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If you’re here reading this I’m going to assume that there is a really good chance you need to generate more sales in your business and you want to do it quickly right?

I am going to tell you the top 3 reasons why you’re not making the sales you need, why people often don’t buy, and how that actually has nothing to do with you. After this video you can stop being yourself up about the stuff that you can’t change, and you can start focusing your energy on the stuff you can change!

Let’s start counting down!

Reason Number Three

You have no sales targets or goals in place because;

  • You think that it is too difficult to figure out
  • You think you’re not smart enough to figure it out (which you are)
  • You think it makes no difference anyway
  • You have read somewhere that goal setting doesn’t work and is actually quite harmful (my least favourite!)

Let me tell you that setting sales goals gives you a fixed target to work towards. Your goals don’t need to be huge and they don’t need to be created using super complex formulas. They do not represent if you’re a good or bad business owner, what they will tell you is if you’re improving each month and if your marketing is working.

If you made $200 in sales last month and you felt horrible about yourself, and your business, set a sales goal of $220 this month so you can focus on being a little bit better than you were  last month. When you set the time aside to set sales goals, track those goals daily and weekly, and then reflect on them each month and you will start generating more sales. Your mindset will be in the place of focusing on sales every day.  You will be looking at those numbers regularly and your mind will be thinking about ways to make those sales happen.

One of my biggest frustrations is women who ask how they can increase their sales, but they have no clue what they did in sales last month. It’s an impossible question to answer if I don’t know where you’re starting from.  If you don’t know what your sales are then it kind of like making a really bad cake, giving it to someone to test and then asking how can you could improve the taste.  If you’ve got no idea what ingredients you put it is impossible for anyone to tell you how to improve. That takes us to….

Reason Number Two

You don’t do anything to actively make sales!  You might sit at your computer checking your emails and blankly staring at your Facebook newsfeed (I do that sometimes too), occasionally you might pick up your phone to check out what’s on Instagram today. Then you finish up your day and you feel really bad about yourself,  you feel disappointed that you didn’t make any sales. You might even beat yourself up a little.

The thing is you didn’t do anything to market your business, and you didn’t ask anyone to buy anything. That’s a real time management and confidence issue. If you were honest about the percentage of your day that you spend marketing your business and asking for sales do you know what the percentage would be? It’s generally very low for women in business.

How long did you spend last month planning out what your sales targets were going to be for this month? What sales activities were you going to do and  when were you going to do them? Now I’m sure every time I say the word ‘plan’ women tune out, and instead go looking for stuff that is more fun to do.

But here is the truth bomb you probably don’t want to hear….

You are not going to increase your sales unless you have a plan! A plan to generate sales! A business that makes no money as it has no sales, is a hobby not a business. You don’t want that. If your mind wanders off or you feel quite frozen when you think about sales in your business then there is a big mindset block getting in your way. It might be that you think sales must be difficult and you’re not smart enough. It might be that you just don’t know where to start so you do nothing. It might be you’re worried you’re making the wrong decision and you’re frozen in that fear.  It might be that you take every single thing that happens in your business really personally, so the fear of rejection is too much for you.

Reason Number One

The biggest reason I know that women struggle to make sales is that they have tied up all of their self worth in the product or service that they offer.  If you put yourself out there and somebody doesn’t purchase your product or service,  they say NO to you, then surely that means that you’re a shitty business owner right? Your product or service sucks, you are overpriced,  you fake, you are a fraud, and you are destined to fail at this…. 

I don’t have enough time in this blog to shift all of your mindset junk but let me tell you this…  

There are quite a few reasons why people don’t buy and many have nothing to do with you. Often people don’t buy because recognise that they need what you are offering.  It seems like a no brainer for you right?  You know that your product or service would make their life better, you have spelled it out for them but they still aren’t buying. They have not yet recognised the need for your product or service. I get it all the time when I see women in my Facebook Group and on my Facebook page asking questions about business. I think “I’ve got a program that solves all of that for you”,  but they don’t my program because they can’t see the solution right in front of them.  It is your job to change that!

Sometimes right now just isn’t the right time for them, that doesn’t mean it will never be the right time. It just means that they’re not going to buy today and hearing no from your customer might crush you… but you have no control over whether or not today is the right time for your customer to buy. When you hear ‘no’ and you never ask that customer to buy against you lose the chance that you’re going to be asking the right question on the right day.

Finally people got s*** going on! Someone who doesn’t buy today might just have so much on their mind that they forgot to purchase, so you need to remind them.  It might be that they got distracted and they need you to remind them.  It might be that their budget was super tight this month and they want to buy next month, but the need you to remind them!  Maybe their head is not in a good place and they don’t feel worthy of spending money on themselves right now.  They might be fearful that the solution you’re offering actually might work!  

All of this is their mind junk, not yours!  Deciding that your product or service will never sell and that you’re terrible at business, that you don’t have what it takes to be successful, and nobody wants what you’re offering is so damaging to you, your business and your self worth.  

Now here is some good news about sales….

It really isn’t as complex as you think it is, and more often than not a lack of sales is a symptom of something else going on in your business. Its like having a lower back ache and finding out that the problem really exists in your neck or having a skin rash that can’t be treated with topical cream because you need to treat an issue with your gut.

I am betting your lack of sales have more to do with to do with things like mindset, blocks to being successful in your business and some sabotaging behaviours.  Maybe its not understanding how to use your time effectively to make sure you get all the important stuff done like marketing and sales done. Not having a clear understanding of who you want to sell your product or service to can be a huge problem,  and not having a plan to make sure that you’re putting your goodies out there into the world with confidence.

As always I have a solution that I know works, and it’s coming your way soon. Some of you will be excited to jump at the chance and others will continue to whine about the fact that their sales suck without doing anything to fix the problem. I hope that if sales are a problem for you you’re ready to break down your fears, clear out your mind junk and get started on plan to create a business that is profitable, liveable and loveable. 

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