Use the Profit Lovers Plan + Track Template to Create the Ultimate PROFIT PLAN for your business 

One Place. Once Plan. Unlimited Profit.

Take the Profit Lovers Plan + Track template and turn it in to your own personal weekly business coaching session with this guided interactive  workshop

Customise your Plan

Start with the Plan + Track template and customise to suit your business and goals

Set Your Goals

Fill in your annual plan, marketing ideas, sales goals and cash flow to create a monthly focus

Track Your Progress

Track your progress weekly to guide your business habits, actions and focus to reach your goals faster

Create a simple system for overseeing your entire business in just 20 minutes per week




step by step



Step 1 - Customise your Plan

Together we will customise your plan based on your current business goals and marketing efforts. Make the Plan and Track work for you and your business. 


Step 2 - Choose your Monthly Focus

Not sure what to focus on each month? Know that marketing drives your business but just not sure what to say and when to say it? Always feeling behind the marketing 8-Ball? Create a marketing focus each month to drive your business. 


Step 3 - Plan your Goals

Put your goals down in writing! It's one of the simplest yet most powerful ways to create change and reach your vision. Within the Plan and Track your most important business goals will be all in one place. 


Sick of being reactive in your business?

Always struggling to pay bills?

Tired of doing everything on your own?

Frustrated by never finishing projects?

Feeling like you're always behind the 8-ball?

Sick of feeling lost and overwhelmed?

Annoyed that there is never enough to pay yourself?

Let's create a plan that makes business easier and more profitable fast!


Business doesn't need to be hard. It can be profitable, liveable and loveable if you have the right tools and knowledge in place. 

The Profit Lovers Plan and Track was created many years ago for my own business. I needed a quick and easy way to make sure I knew what was happening in my business, what was working and what wasn't.

I started creating spreadsheet for everything, but could not keep track easily or quickly...so the Plan and Track was born. It has now been downloaded over 20,000 times by women in business all over the world (and a few men too!). 

The Plan and Track workshop is designed to take a free resource and turn it into a working customised plan for your business...fast!

Melanie Miller

The Profit Lovers

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