Dear Friday, it’s you..not me…

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I have a confession to make.  I don’t work after 12.00pm on Fridays.  It is a bit of a running joke with business colleagues and clients, but I don’t care.  I have my reasons, you can read them below:

It forces me to be more productive during the other four days of work

If I am slacking off I know I will need to work Friday, this makes me unhappy so I work harder.  This is something I figured out long ago when managing teams of staff.  If I gave them 10 hours to complete a project they would take 10 hours.  If I gave them 5 hours to complete the project with the promise of leaving work an hour early on Friday they would happily complete the project in 5 hours.  This saved me four hours of unproductive time (5 hours + 1 hour off = 6 hours – not the 10 hours they would have taken thus saving me 4 hours).   Everyone is a winner!

I am mentally tired

Some d*** (oh screw it – he was a DICK) once made the most derogatory comment in front of a group of people I do business with that made my blood boil.  He said “all business coaches I know charge crap loads of money, work a few hours a week and basically do nothing”.  I won’t argue with the first point, I do charge what some people might consider a crap load of money but what you don’t see is the amount of study I do behind the scenes.  I read, I complete courses, I research, I plan, I market… I do a lot of stuff! I do it for the benefit of my clients.  The more I know, the more I learn, the more I can coach clients to achieve success faster.  When Friday rolls around I am SPENT!

I have other interests outside of work

I like the pub. I like champagne, I like beer, I like bar snacks. Friday is the socially acceptable week day to indulge in my interest.

It takes me a bit to wind down

I suffer from Bissomnia.  I don’t sleep due to an overactive business mind.  By the time Friday rolls around I am a lethal combination of tired and busting with ideas.  No good ever comes of this.  I need Friday afternoon to empty my head and sloooowwww down… Saturday and Sunday are rest days (I do work if I am feeling inspired or have nothing better to do) and Monday I am fresh as a daisy!

Closet rebellian 

I was a secret rebel in my teen years. An overachiever who did passive aggressive rebellious acts like drawing on the toilet walls and stealing pens from teachers.  The worst thing I did was disappear from school constantly to go to the beach (My school was located on an estuary leading directly to one of the worlds most beautiful beaches – who’s dumb idea was that??).  It was my one truly vagrant act. Taking Friday afternoon off kind of feels like that!

I don’t care what you think

People say quite negative things about my Friday afternoons like “oh it must be nice not to be busy”, “if everyone did that where we be?” and my all time favourite “well not everyone is a business coach”.  My response to those statements – I am more productive than your lazy ass, I don’t care “where we would be” and “maybe you should contract my services, then you could come to the pub too instead of bitching and whinging.  Basically I don’t care.

I have just noticed that it is 10.53 am – I must start preparing my “end of Friday” routine!  Your challenge over the weekend is to imagine what life would be like if you could skip out early on Friday.  If the prospect of every Friday is too daunting then what about just one Friday a month?  I promise you will be amazed at how more productive you will be during the week.

If you haven’t watched it all ready check out my VLOG (is that even a word?) on why you might not be as busy as you think!

Happy Friday!