Not Everyone is Going to Make It… Interview with Denise Duffield Thomas

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Denise Duffield Thomas and I caught up to talk about how to mesh Money Mindset + Profit Love. I see far too many women relying on just mindset to improve their business. Women who feel like if they could just “fix” their money mindset they would be instantly successful in business. It just isn’t true…

To be successful in business you need to “show up”. You need to do all the things that a business requires of you such as planning, marketing and money management and of course money mindset. It isn’t enough to cross your fingers and visualise success, you need to do the work to make your vision a reality. 

For the Woo-woo ladies.. 

If you have been relying on manifesting business success without any planning, consistency, money tracking, marketing or the other “unsexy” business stuff then please watch this interview.

For the skeptics like me…

If you’re like me and a little sceptical about the woo-woo business advice out there you will really enjoy this. I am not a woo-woo gal, I like practical and I like measurable but I am slowly embracing the power of mindset. There is no ‘magic’ in this, it is goals with a vision and a purpose backed by action. These are the same principles professional athletes use to win gold! 

Here are some of the questions I asked Denise:

+ How do you stay motivated in your business? [1.25 mins]

+ Why have you succeeded while so many others have failed? [4.24 mins]

+ What do you see women NOT committing to in business that frustrates you? [11.14 mins]

+ What is your split between Money Mindset work and unsexy business stuff (like profit and loss reports, planning, etc) [11.40 mins]

+ What advice do you have for women afraid of haters? [18.20 mins]

+ What is your #1 piece of blunt business advice for women? [24.20 mins]

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