Do you have business F.O.M.O?

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What is business F.O.M.O?

It is an insidious depleting disease that is spreading faster than herpes in an youth hostel. F.O.M.O is Fear of Missing Out.  You might be suffering from this horrible affliction right now!

Diagnose yourself before it is too late!  Answer the questions below to see if you have been infected with this debilitating business disease:

  • Do you avoid sick days because you believe your business can not run without you?
  • Do you avoid holidays because you believe your business will slow down or fall apart altogether if you are not there?
  • Do you constantly check your email during the day?
  • Do you constantly check your email outside of work hours?
  • Do you breach staff privacy by fishing through their inboxes?
  • Do you stalk your competitors at the risk of arrest?
  • Do you take work calls outside of business hours?
  • Do you miss lunch breaks because you are too busy to stop for 15 minutes?

If you answer yes to 1 or more of the symptoms listed above then you are suffering from business F.O.M.O.

One sure way to completely stagnate in business is to become overly involved in every aspect of the day to day running to the point of insanity.  You can not control everything, you can not be everywhere at once, you can not control every situation. Trying to do so will do nothing  more that rob you of your mojo and potentially burn you out.

Guess what might happen when you take a day off, don’t pick up that call or don’t immediate respond to an email?  You might miss out on something great, you might miss a sale, you might miss an opportunity but if you have your business set up correctly – you won’t!

People who suffer from F.O.M.O are often the ones who have tight cash flow, zero time, low quality (crap) customers and stress levels through the roof.  Holding on so tightly to your business will suffocate your staff and strangle your ability to grow.

When faced with one of the situations listed above ask yourself “what is the worst thing that can happen if I don’t; answer that phone, respond to that email, force myself to go to work when I am sick…?

Now ask yourself what will happen if you continue to ignore your festering case of F.O.M.O?   I can tell you now as a super clever and all round lovely business coach that the consequences to your business of not putting some cream on that F.O.M.O itch to clear up the problem are much worse than scratching it.

Need some metaphorical cream for you itch?  You probably need a business coach!


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