Do you ‘woo’ your customers?

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A few weeks ago I was looking at a big (for me anyway) purchase.  I was quite shocked when the sales guy used the good old “so will that be cash or card” before he woo-ed me.  It was like being on a first date where you think you are having a nice friendly dinner but all of a sudden you are being groped in the car park – ick!

The sales guy was trying to seal the deal too prematurely.  It was such a turn off.  He made no attempt to step me through a predetermined sales process. In fact, my feeling is that his process was based purely on his assumption of my financial position.  He kept eyeing off my keyring, I drive a nice car, its European and a bit fancy but that is where my fancy stops. Maybe I should take it as a compliment that he assumed that I am loaded and would happily drop a wad of cash on a product that he had not convinced me that I needed?

I must admit that out of pure shock I may have snickered at him which I can assure you was completely unintentional. I have no interest in making him feel bad but I did feel like asking if he treated all customers the same way? While I was waiting for him he was talking to an older couple (they were in their 60’s) about the same product.  He was so gentle and patient – he didn’t try to grope them once!

Now is a good time to consider your sales process.  Is it the same for everyone or do you, like Gropey-Groperson, assume that a fancy key ring equates to no love needed?

My Two Minute Tuesday just happens to be about … wooing!

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