Does your business need to change?

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Does your business need to change?

All businesses go through life cycles.  Sometimes life is good, sometimes life is not so good.  The challenge is to  identify  what to change when business is not so good. Often it is not the business itself that requires change as much as it is the needs of the business owner.  Perhaps you as the business owner are not as excited by your business as you once were, maybe you still love your business but don’t enjoy working with your customers as much as you once did.

Change is good for business and often necessary as long as the changes you are making are pre planned and well thought through and not a quick reaction. Quick reactions often lead to bad business decisions, decision that given a bit of time and foresight you might not have made.

If you have recognised that your business just doesn’t  float your boat like it once did the first step is to drill down to the actual problem.  If you could change one or two aspects of your business would you start to feel happier?  You can of course ignore the issue which many of us do, you can put it down to fatigue, stress or lack of motivation.  If you do choose to ignore the issue then expect nothing to change.  The only way to cause change is to take action!

If you have no idea what the issues is (not unusual as often we are so entrenched in our business that it can be difficult to see what is really going on) then you might benefit from a free business coaching session.  Expect to hear some hard truths, but also expect to find clarity and direction!


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