Don’t Call Me Lucky!

A few months ago the Power Ball jackpot went off. A huge $75 million dollars of which half landed in the hands of one women, was her win luck?  I had a discussion a few weeks ago with my good friend Jason where we discussed the topic of luck and how many times people tell us we are lucky for having the things we have (he has much cooler stuff than me).

I hear it all the time, how lucky I am to have a good business, a nice income and to be able to follow my passion. But here is the truth, luck has nothing to do with it. The words people should be using are choice, intentions, goals, education and knowledge, persistence, sacrifice and maybe even madness at times but not luck.

Do you look at others and think wow they are so lucky, I will never have what they have? Well stop doing that! Do people say to you “you are so lucky”? If so, stand up for yourself and let them know it wasn’t luck. You were dedicated and clever, don’t let people put your wonderful achievements down to luck.

Now back to that winning lotto ticket. Was the winner lucky? I don’t think so. Winning the lotto is investing an amount of money on a chance that your numbers will come up. Its statistics and taking a chance. Chance and luck are definitely not the same thing! There is more than likely an element of belief, maybe a little manifesting, a feeling of deserving but not luck.

My question for you today is “do you feel luck or hard work got you where you are today?”

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