I have been a little more “employee-like” in my business over the past few weeks so before I give myself a talking to and step back into the Queen Profit Bee role I wanted to share 5 quick ways to know when your business is whipping your butt and you’re not in control. 

queen profit bee

You’re doing all the things:

Are you doing all the things? You’re the graphic designer, the bookkeeper, the social media manager, customer service person and everything else in between? Hard to sail the ship to amazing places if you’re below deck scrubbing the pots and cleaning the toilets, right? 

Maybe you’re doing all the things because you’re leaving everything to the last minute, failing to plan ahead and as a consequence there is no time to hand over at least some of your workload to your team. If you’re always behind schedule leading to doing everything yourself you’re very likely getting your butt whipped by your business!

You’re reactive, not proactive:

Instead of clearing a path ahead to ensure you can easily hit your goals you’re running around putting out fires. You have no time to look ahead because you’re too busy looking behind you, you’re reacting to what is happening day by day instead of proactively directing your business. 

As an employee you rarely need to think about the overall plan or proactively driving the business forward, employees often have their small role within a much bigger picture they never see. They worry about today’s work, upcoming deadlines, controlling their inboxes etc.. 

If you want to reclaim boss status, or step into the boss role, start working towards your future goals instead of reacting to yesterdays to do list. 

You’re on the never ending hamster wheel:

Oh..I remember this feeling from being an employee! You’re hustling, you’re getting stuff done, the wheel is turning but you’re not actually moving forward. You’re doing the same things day in and day out but you never stop to check they’re actually working. 

I remember doing a lot of tasks as an employee that made no sense, they didn’t seem to have any purpose or payoff. As the owner of your business you have access to the data to make different decisions, to change up what you’re doing. You’re the boss! 

hamster wheel

You’re clock watching:

One of the best parts of being the boss is never needing to watch the clock for knock off time, or count the days until the weekend. 

You can and should be taking full advantage of your role as the person who calls the shots! Want to take a morning off to get your teeth cleaned? Do it! Want to hit the “out of office” button at mid day on Friday? Go wild! 

If you’re just clocking hours, sitting at your desk and dragging yourself through until the end of day or end of week you’re missing out and likely to very quickly burn out. 

The world (and your business) won’t fall apart if you take some time out to recharge your batteries. You’re a business owner, not an emergency room doctor. 

You’re not behaving your way to success:

We never think about mindset as employees, it was a totally foreign concept to me. I had my place in the company, they set the goals, they set my salary and bonus structure, they controlled my days (and often nights). 

Now we have all the power (insert evil laugh…) we also have the responsibility to behave our way to success. Are you thinking like the boss? Are you taking risks like the boss? Are you tracking results as the boss? Are you showing up like the boss? 

There is a transformative exercise in Members Club, it’s one of the favourites so I am sure I have mentioned it before. It’s called Successful Me. There is a discovery worksheet to identify what the most successful version of yourself is. It’s my go to when I am being a slacker, or just piddling about. 

How would you be behaving if you were the most successful version of yourself? 

Ok, I am off to be the Queen Profit Bee again…