Falling In Love with Profit – Episode #2

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Firstly, what a response from my first TWO episodes of The Profit Lovers Podcast! Holy cow and a sheep, I have serious warm and fuzzies so thank you to all that listened and shared! Everyone is falling in love with the Profit Lovers Podcast, not just profit!

Did you miss last week’s episode? You can check it out HERE, it’s all about online visibility.

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episode two falling in love with profit

On this episode we’re spending some time romancing profits! 

How often do we hear we need money to attract more? A lot. The answer to that rhetorical question is we hear it a lot! 

But, what about falling in love with Profit? Oh… sounds sexy, right?

Episode Two is all about Falling In Love with Profit.

If you’re not yet in love with the idea of making a decent profit from your business, or you have never really thought about it much, today's the day to check in with your profit lovin’ feelings. 

If money and profit bring up negative feelings for you, like greed, fear or guilt .. then of course it makes sense that your business wouldn’t be shooting out barrel loads of cash. You’re likely doing all you can (subconsciously of course!) to turn profits away or even waste them. 

You might have a business that isn’t working purely because you reject money and profit is money...

As women in business why is it so dang hard just to love money and profit? 

I have more than just a few ideas about that!

Have you thought about all the negative messaging women in business receive? It’s a LOT. We’re supposed to hustle, but follow our passion, show up and serve, but also charge our “worth” (whatever the heck that means!). We’re supposed to effortlessly attract money, but also to not think too much about it because that’s not lady-like.. 

Sweet jam on a biscuit! It’s all so confusing! 

Here is how I fell in love with PROFIT. I stopped thinking about it as money and started thinking about it as freedom, choice, security, adventure, generosity … and a whole lot more. 

It’s all well and good to love money, but as business owners we need to embrace profit, too. 

There is no money lovin’ without showing your profits some positive attention. So, dive into some easy listening with this week's Profit Lovers podcast episode and up your profit lovin’ game. 

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