I remember the day I announced I was going to throw in my job to become self-employed.  Oh, how people laughed, and snickered and laughed some more.  I could read their thoughts all over their faces, and of course, they didn't hold back in converting thoughts to words that they then used to beat the crazy out of me.

Luckily my crazy prevailed and now I have a very nice business and I am a very nice happy person (most of the time).  What I love most is now I get to rub my happy in peoples faces.  If you want to rub your happy in someones face pass this blog on!

1.  I set my own hours

Working 9 am - 5 pm or (8 am - 6 pm like I use to) Monday to Friday with a 45-minute lunch break is hellish for some people.  I am one of them.  I like that I can take a weekday off whenever I please to do as I please.  I like that I can work when I am energised and full of good idea's, not tired and drained.

2. I set my own rules

I don't work with Ignoranus', that is people who are both ignorant and assholes.  I don't have to work with them.  No one can make me and this makes me very happy!

3. I reap the rewards

A good month in my business means extra money in my pay packet for beer and pretzels or whatever else takes my fancy.  A good month as an employee meant the boss got to enjoy beer and pretzels while I still slaved away at my desk.

4. I manage myself

I have had one boss who made me accountable for every single minute of my day.  It was a disgusting way to treat an employee who achieved great results and enjoyed work.  It crushed my spirit and caused me to dream daily about egging her car, shoving potatoes in the exhaust pipe and other childish passive aggressive acts of revenge.  Now I am accountable to only me!  I am actually quite a hard boss on myself but I am fair so it works well.

5. I feel secure

Strange as it may sound, I feel more secure about my business than I ever did being employed by someone else. I remember that stomach churning feeling every time performance reviews came up for discussion.  Why?  I have no idea as I have always strangely loved working.  One company I worked for slashed a bucket load of jobs whilst I held on for grim death (or financial ruin).  Now I am the boss, only I can fire me and I kind of like me, so I think I will be keeping me around.

Want to add your reason? I would love to hear from you!