Five biggest mistakes I have made in my business

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five biggest mistakes in business


If you’re feeling like you keep making mistakes in your business, like you should know better or that everyone else is swimming along in their business and never screwing up then I am about to make you feel a whole lot better about yourself. 

I have made some really dumb mistakes in my business, and I still do.

Now, I could kid myself and say that they’re all learning opportunities, but they’re not… they’re just dumb, lazy, poorly considered choices. 

I've been in business for 11 ( think it’s been 12 now years) and I had plenty of experience before I started. I ran other peoples businesses, I fixed mistakes all day long. I was good at it, and I still am. 

I'm just not so great at fixing my own failings.

Today I am going to talk you through a bit of the messy-ness behind the scenes of my business including the five mistakes (there have been a ton more than five but let’s start there) that I really wish I hadn’t made. 

Grab a beverage of your choosing, a little snack or two and settle in for today’s episode of what Melanie screwed up. I promise, you will feel much better about your own business and you will avoid some of my fluff ups. 

Guess what’s coming soon?

We have reached the mid-year mark and I know for many of us it felt like our Covid woes were going to be done with when we put 2020 to sleep last New Year’s Eve. 

The energy and positive vibes people were flaunting about were as contagious as an airborne virus. But, we are six months in to 2021 … 

To inject some energy into the end of this year and build some (hopeful) 2022 energy I have something special planned. It will be both impactful and actionable, you’re going to love it! 

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