Free Tools to Increase Sales

A huge shoutout to Kylie Patchett who shared some tools I had never heard of! I am not a big business tools user, I prefer pen and paper and find that a lot of the tools designed to make life easier just overcomplicate things. These tools are different, they are easy to use and can help increase sales!

Zopim – Live chat on your website

One of the biggest differences in how we do business now is that customers often make their buying decision on your website, not in your store or office. That is especially true for the products that I sell. I have the 6 Week Hustle open for enrolment this week and I know potential members will be checking out the sales page. Zopim is a chat application that allows visitors to your website to enter questions into a chat box.

What is super cool is that I can see when someone has been on the site for a while but hasn’t made a decision. Perfect time for a chat box to pop up and ask if they need any help!

Calendly – Easy appointment booking

I hate the backwards and forwards emailing of trying to hook up an appointment time with someone. I have used Calendar apps before but none have been as easy as Calendly. If you want to offer potential customers a quick 15 minute chat before they purchase this is a great way to do it. Answering questions in person is always going to lead to more sales (unless you are guilty of talking people out of a sale which I have seen many times before!).

Asana – Time and project management

While this won’t directly increase sales it will keep you super organised and focused so you can concentrate ‘on’ sales. I have tried┬ámany different time and project management tools that have been super frustrating to use. Asana is easy and has the added bonus of helping deal with emails. You can forward emails straight into your task lists!