Gold Coast Sales Training

How are the sales skills of your staff?  Do they know when or how to up-sell and cross-sell?  Are they prepared with the right answers to common questions and a professional “close” for the sales process?

I suggest to my clients to participate in regular sales training and even do so myself.  Often I will walk away thinking “I know that stuff” but that is a positive!  Walking away knowing you are doing what you should be and you haven’t slacked off is so important.

One of my trusted Colleagues; Shannon Brooker from Target Training on the Gold Coast is running two workshops.  You can purchase separately or attend both.  At only $90 per session or $160 for both it is a great investment for yourself and your team.

Remember – sales is a learned skill!  Don’t assume your staff are doing it right, you might be missing out on valuable sales!  My regular readers and blog subscribers will know how passionate I am about sales!  You can check out my blog posts here.

Get selling people!



Click here for the PDF outline of the workshops!