Google Image Search – How I found an Imposter!

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 Google Image Search – How I found an imposter!

The internet is a wonderful thing.  Where would we be without it?  It does come with a few issues though especially when it comes to security.  I recently found an image that I used professionally a few years ago (after 3 years in business I no longer look as “youthful” so I have updated)  being used by someone on Facebook.  It was quite scary!

Who knows what that person is up to?  After multiple contacts with Facebook to get the profile or image removed I got no joy.. no love from Facebook.  I contacted the person myself via Facebook messages to let them know I was on a rampage to have their profile removed.   I would post the message I sent to the imposter but no doubt the language would offend some.

The whole experience was quite shocking so I made a video about how you can search your own images using Google Image Search and exactly what happened when I searched mine.  Please watch and take note!  This could be happening to you too!

*I use a bit of colourful language here to..


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