Hello, are you busy?

Hello, are you busy?
Well hello there!  Today’s question is “are you busy?”

Have you ever noticed how many times people answer the question of “How are you?” with “really busy?”  If all of the people that told me they are really busy really were busy, they would be making a crap load more money than they are!  The word busy is tossed about far too frequently for my liking.  In my world, being busy in business means lots of customers, lots of action and lots of profits.

So now you are probably asking yourself “If I am not busy, then what am I”  In my experience people who run businesses often confuse feelings of being overwhelmed, stressed, un-focused and un-motivated with being busy.


If you are feeling overwhelmed then you are not alone.  Small business is tough! Often as small business owners we feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks required to run our businesses. We need to be the sales person, the book keeper, the copy writer, the cleaner, the manufacturer and the list goes on…

The solution is simple – out source!  Find someone who can do the tasks that you are not an expert in and pay them to do the work.  “Oh but I can’t afford it” I hear you say!

My question to you is “can you afford not to outsource?”  If you want to grow, if you want to be more profitable, then you are going to have to outsource at some point.   Outsorcing frees up time for you to sell more of your goodies, thereby making more profit which in turns pays for… outsorcing!


Maybe you are not busy, maybe you are stressed?  Why would you be?  Maybe you are stressing about where your next rent payment is coming from, maybe you have got the ATO breathing down your neck for your last tax or BAS payment.  Maybe your staff are driving you freakin’ nuts or maybe yoru customers are causing you grief!

What is the solution to stress?  Figure out exactly what is stressing you and deal with it! Stop letting it fester in the background whilst you use pretend to by busy.

What if you are un-focused, well pretty normal for a small business owner too!  Often we have no idea what tasks to do to make money, we get tied up doing the crap that gets us no where and then when the day comes to an end we feel stupid that we have achieved nothing.


The solution to being unfocused is easy; divide and conquer your to do list – of course this assumes you have a to do list, if you don’t you better get on to that.  Once you have a to do list nicely drawn up then divide the tasks into those that make you money and those that cost you money – anything that neither makes nor costs you money – emailing, filing, organizing, or other “lets pretend we are busy so we can avoid the real tasks” stuff.


The scariest word often confused with busy is un-motivated.  Only one person can change your motivation – sadly you can not outsorce it – it’s YOU!  If you are feeling un-motivated then ask yourself why?  Are you bored? Are  you tired?  Do you really want to be in this business?

My advice to you is to find your motivation and find it quickly!  Un-motivated business owners are on the fast track to business death!

So next time you tell someone you are busy I want you to think about it!  Are  you making money? No, then you are probably not busy!